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April is Poetry Month

National Poetry Month in the United States was established in 1996; Canada followed suit two years later.  We thought it was an ideal time to ask our TI Life poets, to help us to celebrate properly.

Water Magic

Water, hard or fluffy in winter, slips, skids, falling, shoveling, skiing, sledding, skating. In summer, bashing crops, cars, heads. Cooling refreshing drinks, preserving, storing.

Water soft, wet, flowing, flooding, inundating, drowning.  Forming rivers, likes, enabling all life.

Water invisible. Sun shining on earthly waters, evaporating, stove cooking. Scalding hands, fillings clouds, raining, snowing, forming creeks, rivers, lakes.

Three phases, all within earth’s climate, proving for a myriad of life forms.

Water not common. In winter, hard water not collecting on the bottom of lakes and rivers. Clogging streams, damming rivers, covering more northern and southern lands.

No water the elite, every uncommon. Hard water floating on the soft wet and flowing water. Expanding not contracting on becoming hard. Spreading many lifeforms to wintery, hard water regions.

Robert Neulieb, Copyright © 2017

Photo by Andrew Kane

Photo by Andrew Kane

A St. Lawrence Night

The moon is shining over the River tonight
Millions of stars shining so bright
There's a peaceful calm that holds us tight
as we sit by this fire on a St. Lawrence night
The sounds of laughter comforts the minds
Now brought together after too long of time
Back together where we all got our start
Back together in this place that holds our hearts
There's nothing like a St. Lawrence night
Smiles glowing around the campfire light
Something about it just feels so right
On this River on a night like tonight
In the morning with the sun on the rise
When we clear the sleep from our eyes
We'll enjoy the River under the golden sunlight
that brings us back to another St. Lawrence night
The moon shines over the River tonight
Millions of stars shining so bright
A peaceful calm that holds us so tight
as we sit by this fire on a St. Lawrence night
As the moon shines over the tree
As we sit her in this warm summer breeze
Smiling faces glowing in the smokey light
On this glorious St. Lawrence night
We'll raise a glass and give a cheer
Give thanks to our parents that placed us here
We'll pass it down to the ones we love
We give thanks to the Lord above
It's a night like this that we all live for
We couldn't ask for anything more
The moon and the stars over the River tonight
as we sit by this fire on a St. Lawrence night

Author's Note: A little song to sing around the campfire

Thomas K. Hunt, Copyright © 2017 


Spring is Here

Snowdrops and crocus appear;
the year’s first tiny bouquet.
These are the signs that spring is here

Seedlings are started, planting is near,
happy hands in the soil, the time’s underway.
Snowdrops and crocus appear.

Sunflowers, a favorite volunteer,
and chamomile, too; all gone astray.
These are the signs that spring is here.

Bikes are got out, walking paths clear,
Sunshine; blue skies replace gray.
Snowdrops and crocus appear.

River opens and buoys are placed, raise a cheer.
Warm sun and cool breeze, glittering water, hooray!
These are the signs that spring is here.

At the water’s edge, a serene atmosphere.
Each wave laps the shore, taking troubles away.
Snowdrops and crocus appear.
These are the signs that spring is here.

Melody Brabant, Copyright © 2017 

Spring flowers are here. Photo by Sidney Blatt, April 10, 2017



Dreamer’s Moon

I remember a day so long ago,
When I was so young – how could I know
What I wanted from life – but I thought I knew.
I was young enough to think dreams come true.

It was a winter night – so crisp and cold,
With millions of stars – all the sky could hold –
And a full moon shining on fresh, pure snow
In that lane where I walked, so long ago.

The years have flown by and the dreams are lost.
I’d be wasting my time if I counted the cost,
For dreams are forgotten and new ones are born
As swiftly as moonlight brightens to morn.

It’s fate that determines the choices we make.
Life shows us the paths we have to take.
Though we strive to succeed, and sometimes we can
Our lives fit into a greater plan.

Now the dreams that I dreamed in that old country lane
Seem incredibly shallow, and boring, and plain,
And the same winter moon and the same stars still shine
In my world shaped by forces much greater than mine.

Nancy Bond, Copyright © 2017  

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