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Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

It is now official; Santa Claus has made arrangements to arrive in Alexandria Bay this December 16th for the third annual 1000 Islands River Santa Festival. This year the good folks from Towboat US will be shuttling Santa to the Upper Village Dock in Alexandria Bay with a USCG escort arriving at noon. The Festival runs from 10 AM to 3 PM, that Saturday, with food and music and sleigh rides through the village.

Last year, Santa was able to provide 1500 gifts, for children all along the St. Lawrence River Valley. Gifts were also included in the packages of Christmas food supplies delivered by the Rotary Club in Alexandria Bay. A real bonus in 2016, was the presentation of $1200 each, to all five local school districts, for their Backpack Programs.

Santa 2016

The spirit of giving is alive and well in Alexandria Bay, NY

The event is a Chamber of Commerce event with an all-volunteer committee. The community comes together like almost no other event. The Gift Wrapping Party managed to wrap 1500 present’s in four hours, at the American Legion in a well-organized and enjoyable fashion.


This event is 100% donation driven, and anybody interested in becoming a sponsor or making a donation can contact or

The event is open to everyone and gifts are provided to any child 12 and under. This year a Canned Food Drive is being held in conjunction, and children are encouraged to bring something to donate.


Last year, many Summer residents returned for the day, with children and grandchildren, for the novelty of seeing Santa Claus arrive by boat.

Recipients Santa 2016

Want to get in the Christmas Spirit?  Please join us on December 16th. 

The Editor, Susie Smith, says I may also suggest that you contribute through our GoFundMe Campaign and I am delighted to do so!

Go Fund MeDonate Now

3rd Annual 1000 Islands River Santa Festival 
There's a lot of buzz already and questions about River Santa and how to help. We're excited to get started here.
The need here in the North Country is again far greater than you can imagine. This year's flooding hurt tourism and a lot of the seasonal job earning, as well as our sponsor's ability to dig as deep as last year. We are asking for any amount you might be able to donate and are grateful for every dollar raised.
Our goal is to be sure that every child experiences the giving and sharing of Christmas.   We are well aware that for some children this will be the only Christmas present they get.  Many hands make light work. Every contribution makes a difference.

By Doug Tulloch

In 2012, Doug Tulloch made the decision to return home full-time to live in Carnegie Bay, Alexandria Bay, NY. Formerly an avid back country snowmobiler, skier and mountain biker, Doug’s passions were forced to change, after a number of spine surgeries.  In addition to his being a passionate Santa’s Helper, he provides a number of photographs throughout the year to TI Facebook pages. Like many of us, he feels that the River always delivers - regardless of season or weather. “I have never had a bad day on the River.”  Doug works for a construction company, in business development, and spearheaded an economic development initiative, called 20/20 Vision in Alexandria Bay.


[Editor’s note: See A Big Shout Out to Doug Tulloch, (January 2016) as I introduce this amazing citizen.  He truly epitomizes what giving is all about!. Doug gave us an update of the 2016 Event. “This one event in the heart of the Thousand Islands helped students out over a 50-mile stretch of the St. Lawrence River, and however many miles in-land, the school districts reach. None of this would've been possible without the donations that you made.”]

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