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TI Life in Sept ‘13 - Five years and counting

4,913 subscribers, 170+ authors, 700+ articles and a very happy editor. 

Created in 2006  by the late Paul Malo -  author, professor emeritus and preservation architect – is certainly something for which our team can be proud.  When Paul died in August 2008,  Ian Coristine, one of Paul’s dear friends and 1000 Islands photographer and Michael Franklin, a well-known north country relator who helped Paul build the original website, came to our island to ask if I would take over Paul’s efforts.  At first I said “no”, but a week later I realized I was being given a tremendous gift – an excuse to continue researching the history of the Thousand Islands and better still, to learn from others.

This marks my 60th issue and every week I receive emails from around the world asking questions or providing additional information.  I wish I could relate all of the incredible links we have made but here is a sample:

  • Back in January 2011 - Through the Ice - A Tale of Survival, By Dan Denney was published.  Dan’s article recounted his ordeal of falling through the ice on a photo shoot of Singer Castle in February 2010. We published that story – one that received some of the highest readership statistics – but the comments we received also told many stories.  We published the comments in Update…Through the ice–a Tale of Survival.  Both articles are well worth a second read.


I do get thanked often, but the real thanks goes to the TI Life Team and especially Mike Cox, Creative Information Systems, Ottawa,  who continues to do his computer magic in keeping the site up-to-date while I post the stories.  Three others are my unpaid partners  - Ian Coristine who finances the cost of our email service, writer Kim Lunman, owner and publisher of the print magazine,  Island Lifeand my husband, Marceli Wein, who assists with photograph preparation (and breakfast)!   

I want to thank every author for their articles  and in particular those who I call my Over-10 Team members who have written multiple articles for TI Life – Thanks all. 

And as they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.  Photographers have made each article a delight.  We have too many to single out, but our Ian, Paul & Lillian Cooledge, Dennis & Kathi McCarthy, Janet Sullins and Lynda Crothers are always there when we need them.   Our Facebook page has also added a new dimension to TI Life, due to the wonderful photographic submissions we share throughout each month.

And finally I thank David Ray, Kingston, and Jane Taylor, Gananoque, who patiently edit and proof the material.  They make the difference! 

Yes, you have one happy editor.

September issue includes: 

Lynn McElfresh presents her 58th and 59th articles, We didn’t need another boat… the “Lindsay” and Renaming Ceremony.  Lakeland BOATING gave permission to republish their September 2013 article “HISTORY Carved Out of Wood”, Lakeland Boating written by Kim Lunman and John Peach recognizes three Wood Boat Restorers of the Thousand Islands.

Thomas Pullyblank, a novelist, takes a turn at non fiction, with his personal memories of The Harrison M. Brown Cottage in TI Park and Tim Kocher gives  A Boater’s Perspective.

Do you like turtles?  Be sure to read Bob Arnebeck’s Turtles in the Thousand Islands.

“AKA Johnny Truesdell” from introduces a special facebook page,  Just where in the heck is Redwood, NY?;   I present  two articles this month:  a book review of  Patty Mondore’s Nature Reflections… Plus an inspiring video , and  Evidence found for the origin of the Thousand Island Dressing! about the TV Documentary that will fascinate even those not at all interested in history or salad dressings.

This and That

Shoal Sisters:  In June we published The Shoal Sisters are Calling to Shoal up Support written by Morgan McLellan.  This month we received these photographs from Catherine Kring, Brenda Houde and Marta Beach who took up the challenge and did their own Shoal Sisters photo shoot.   Morgan had explained, “All of the proceeds from the poster sales will support the Thousand Islands Association. All you need to do is hit “Love Your River website” and order a poster which comes with instructions on how to do your own photo shoot.”  The best part is still to come… there is a calendar in production with our sisters.

Flag Etiquette:  Bud Andress, our flag expert, sent some advice for those flying burgees on antique boats. He noticed a photograph in TI Life of a 1926 boat flying the Canadian Red Ensign, a crest in the fly position of the flag containing three red maple leaves – the problem is this flag was created in 1957. What the antique boat owners need to find is the old Canadian Red Ensign flag with three green maple leaves in the crest. That would have been the flag flown in the 1920s.


Be sure to keep your Summer 2013 pictures for our December 2013 TI Life Photo Contest.  More details to follow, but you may send your best to

Check our EVENTS page and our EXCURSIONS.  Perhaps you have a day-trip activity that you would like us to explore.

FACEBOOKRemember our facebook page throughout the month, as we post information and photographs  &  follow us on Twittertwitter 2

Do you write about the River - near to it, from above or below?  If so, please consider submitting an article.  Let us know what you like, or dislike, about TI Life so we can share more ideas.  And please do comment on the articles…

By Susan W. Smith, Editor

  • End of the day by Martha Woodward Tuke

    End of the day by Martha Woodward Tuke

  • Tim Kocher Riverview Photography

    Tim Kocher Riverview Photography

  • Keepers of the shoals! by Marta Beach

    Keepers of the shoals! by Marta Beach

  • Lynda Crothers

    Lynda Crothers

  • Dennis McCarthy captures the the schooner

    Dennis McCarthy captures the the schooner "Lois McClure"

  • The Tug

    The Tug "C.L. Churchill" by Dennis McCarthy

  • Patty Mondore's Osprey

    Patty Mondore's Osprey

  • A Martin Zonnenberg photograph

    A Martin Zonnenberg photograph

  • Photo taken by Len Wittmeyer from Point Vivian. Venus and the moon....

    Photo taken by Len Wittmeyer from Point Vivian. Venus and the moon....

  • Watching the ducks by Tom King

    Watching the ducks by Tom King

  • Jeffry Weldon sent this photo of

    Jeffry Weldon sent this photo of "Emma" near the foot of Mary Island, taken just before Labor Day We

  • Mary Crawford Ferber shares her beautiful blue heron

    Mary Crawford Ferber shares her beautiful blue heron


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Elayne LePage
Comment by: Elayne LePage ( )
Left at: 9:06 PM Sunday, September 15, 2013
Thanks to all who put Thousand Islands Magazine together. You are one of my favorite reads on the web. Keep up the great job you all do.
Daniel Boyer
Comment by: Daniel Boyer ( )
Left at: 9:10 PM Sunday, September 15, 2013
Thank you Susan Smith - Thousand Islands Life Magazine and Johnny Truesdell - for your interest in the Redwood Facebook site..That's a great article..And thank you for the tribute to Katherine Carmon, Susie! I made the Redwood Facebook site because I get homesick,,and I'm down here in Kentucky,,about 1000 miles away from home..So I brought Redwood-Plessis and Alexandria Bay to me via the internet..I'm surprised the site took off like it did.. There are now over 860 members on the Redwood site..55 new members have joined in just the past two weeks,,since Johnny Truesdell reposted his Redwood thread on best thing about Redwood is the people..There are several local families who have lived in Redwood for 4 and 5 generations..We've all known each other for 50 years..Thank you for your rocks! So does Thousand Islands Life..Keep up the good work Susan and Johnny Truesdell!
Comment by: Cathy ( )
Left at: 10:29 PM Sunday, September 15, 2013
Love the Redwood site and keeping up w/friends & family. Danny has preserved so much history in the form of information, documents, pictures etc about Redwood and surrounding areas. We learn about the people from the beginning times of the town and the businesses. We read a daily Happy Birthday post to most everyone who has lived in Redwood or lives there now. Thanks for posting about Daniel and the Redwood site in TILM and kudos to Johnny Truesdell for his recognition of Daniel's talent and his support of the Redwood page on his own
Sue Schongalla
Comment by: Sue Schongalla ( )
Left at: 2:08 PM Monday, September 16, 2013
I was pretty sure those two red stained Amish-made Adirondack chairs were ours on our dock, and wondered how that photo got to TILife Magazine without me having sent it. Then I noticed Martha Tuke sent it in from her dock. I wonder how many people on the River took this spot to be theirs!? It is the quintessential scene of repose, ladder and all. Also, thanks for forwarding my email to Deane Parkhurst. We have had a wonderful exchange ever since.
Susan Saiter
Comment by: Susan Saiter ( )
Left at: 4:41 PM Monday, September 16, 2013
A big thank you to you Susan Smith and all the wonderful authors of articles that make up the issues of TILife. It is so wonderful to read about happenings and history of the 1000 islands, especially when I'm back home, as I am now.
The summers go all to fast but are so lovely and relaxed and refresh us for 10 months of dreaming of next summer.
TILife is so great to get and read about all sorts of things. The new catagories of events and excursions are terrfic.
Jerry Tetro
Comment by: Jerry Tetro ( )
Left at: 7:31 PM Monday, September 16, 2013
I wondered where are Blue Herons and Ospreys summered, thanks for taking good care of them, but it's time send them back!
Lynn McElfresh
Comment by: Lynn McElfresh ( )
Left at: 12:19 PM Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Thank you Susie for all you do! I can't tell you how much Thousand Islands Life has enriched my life.
Jack Patterson
Comment by: Jack Patterson ( )
Left at: 7:04 PM Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Love, "Shoal Sisters"! Love. Might they come to the Lake Fleet? Most prominant shoal in the area might be the one off the head of Wyoming. Well away from the (any) nearby islands. Too, is next to the Canadian main channel. Good viewing. I perhaps could get up a, 'chip' (money...) Alas, though- the Wyoming shoal(s) are somewhat- maybe more than somewhat currently, under water. Drag. Too, drag long gowns in the water, seaweed. No! Not ok. I see Shoal Sisters need a few bare rocks at least. "Forty Acres" would never do. Maybe the Gananoque Narrows? Or what is that shoal/light as you go in to Gananoque from the Narrows ... can't think of it, but it has a little island and a spit of land out of water and is right there on the channel? Perfect. Call me! Too, we have a shoal off Axeman which we call, "The Alligator". Is enough out (one rock- small) for a single seagull (or cormorant). Early on, soon after Frank and Marjorie (Breyer) purchased the island (Axeman) they were having dinner at the dinning porch- there on the north side of the island (the long, long low building only now getting a little attention to its roof ... one quarter of the building erected circa 1905-15). Breyer's had guests. From the city, say. Not used to rural life, say. Mr. Breyer (Frank) sometimes impatient with 'city' people, etc. Too, not above a 'spoof'. They inquire as to, "tides?" Mr. Breyer goes along. "Yes, but very slight." "Oh, well- any, uh ... WILD creatures in the water?" "Oh, yes, alligators!"- he responds pointing to the low flat silhouet showing barely above the stream four rods out toward Sugar Island. Thus since- has been, "The Alligator". I CAN speak for my family here- we all would LOVE "Shoal Sisters" on ... The Alligator!
Comment by: Hans ( )
Left at: 9:09 AM Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Great job, Thousand Islands Life team. Keep it up!