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Excursions: 2018

So, family members and/or friends are coming to share our special brand of paradise. While the River is the perfect “Nanny” for much of any vacation, there comes a time when a contingent of the group says, “Let’s leave this little oasis for a few hours to explore whatever other delicacies our Shangri-La has to offer.”


Such a day trip or a night away may be a highlight of the visit or the summer. As the summers pass, my bride and I continue to investigate the region, to savor the attending features that make the 1000 Islands area unique. Last summer, it was the Adirondack Museum on Blue Mountain Lake.  Earlier in the season, we spent a few nights at the recently upgraded and modernized Opinicon at Chaffee’s Lock of the Rideau Canal system.


Got kids to entertain? How about a peek into rural living in the 1860s, at Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg, Ontario, or the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY, which has wooden boat exhibits and speedboat rides to amaze visitors from the youngest to the oldest.


An afternoon sauntering through the De Peyster/Heuvelton rural outpost is like a guided tour of farming a hundred years ago. The Amish in this area demonstrates what it means to be “made in America.”


The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa near Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal locks is a venue exhibiting an array of artistic styles in their permanent collection, and remarkable traveling exhibits like the Impressionist collection on display now. As a bonus, Ottawa is a fantastic city to visit.



Lake Placid, in the Adirondacks, is a quaint location on the US side of the border. An early 2.7 mile walk around Mirror Lake is a great way to start the day.


I have assembled some of my favorite places in the “Excursions” section of this online periodical. I would relish hearing about other reader’s favorites in upcoming issues.

Liars' Bench Opinicon

The author on the Liars Bench at the Opinicon Lodge… can you tell it is a fishing lodge on the Rideau!

Rideau Locks

The seven locks in Ottawa at the end of the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa Museum.


Tori Clark milking a cow, Upper Canada Village. The village is a short 1.5 hours away, going east on Highway 401.


The Noah Rondeau hut, Adirondack Museum


Lake Placid in the Adirondacks is a quaint location on the US side of the border. An early 2.7 mile walk around Mirror Lake is a great way to start the day.



See all of Tad Clark and other suggestions for excursions in the vicinity of the Thousand Islands.

By Tad Clark

Tad Clark, a fourth-generation, summer resident, has been a tennis coach for over 35 years. His growing interest in freelance writing includes commentaries for the “TI Sun”, a published  history of Comfort Island: Comfort Island: One Family’s Generational Journey, which was reviewed in “TI Life” in November, 2015.  Tad has also written several articles for “TI Life” – including the importance of Boat Shoes!   When not in the Thousand Islands Tad and his wife live in Asheville, NC.

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