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Photographs and more by Hope Marshall

The early morning mist drapes the earth.
Birds circle and sing the good news of the day.
A ball of fire brings colors into focus.
The fog is slowing receding, leaving foot prints of green as it goes.
Sky and water partners in blue.
Clouds ripple and wave, mimicking the landscape below.
Closer to heaven with every foot above sea level.
Proportionally placed to love all that has been given;
Earth, wind, wood, water and sky.
The sunset is a sacred ceremony.
The horizon is aflame, sky and water reflecting an orange glow.
Peace settles in, it is the reward of the day.
All cares slowly washed away like drift on the shore.
Cicadas and crickets humming the river to sleep.
The stars flicker like sparks from a campfire.
The galaxy a tendril of smoke carrying the message of the day.
Thank you for this life in the garden of the Great Spirit.

                                                                                   by Hope Marshall

Anna Ashore-Cape Vincent
© Perception Photography
Anna Ashore at Cape Vincent
Illuminated-Rockport Omen Of Safe Travel-Rockport
© Perception Photography
Omen of Safe Travel at  Rockport, Ontario
Crazy Critter-Clayton
© Perception Photography
Crazy Critter at Clayton, NY
Preparing For Flight-Brockville
© Perception Photography
Preparing for flight at Brockville, Ontario

About Hope Marshall:  A Canadian living the American Dream.

Hope Marshall was born in Toronto  but raised in the Ottawa Valley. For a change of pace she moved to Kingston where she attended college, worked and  lived for  8 years before meeting her husband and moving to the United States in 2001. Hope and her husband  Joseph have two daughters Miranda and Kendra. They live near Evans Mills New York, close to Fort Drum where Joseph serves in The United States Army , 3rd Brigade, Field Artillery.

Hope had an early interest in photography and journalism which she came by honestly. Her mother Liz Wall, has worked in newspaper and radio in the Ottawa Valley and Kanata for over 30 years.  During college, Hope had her own "where are they now " human interest  column in an Ottawa Valley magazine , Your Neighbour. Now she enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

Currently she has her own freelance photography business, Perception Photography,  specializing in all manner of photography: artistic, nature,  weddings, portraits , freelance, as well as event and commercial work. She has participated in the local Jefferson County NY craft & festival circuit including The French Festival in Cape Vincent. Hope has participated in "The Glass River " and "Along The Rivers Edge " exhibits at The Thousand Islands Art Center in Clayton.

In July of 2009 she shot the cover of Watertown author Roger Farney's first book, Cliffwalk — A Novel of Affairs, Affluence and Affection. The cover features local models in front of the Emma Flower Taylor mansion on Clinton St. in Watertown.

Lately Hope has taken a  more active role in the North Country Arts Council  as Volunteer and Farmers Market Coordinator where she helps organize exhibits and events.  Hope's photography can be viewed at

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Ann Ward
Comment by: Ann Ward ( )
Left at: 3:53 PM Monday, February 15, 2010
Great photographs and a lovely poem. Hope has added much to the arts of the North Country.
Liz Wall
Comment by: Liz Wall ( )
Left at: 2:53 PM Tuesday, February 16, 2010
A proud mother who soon found out that Hope, at a very young age, was a creative writer. More than I was at that age for sure. The love of photography came later She continues to amaze.
Great photos and interesting poem. Congratulations on being featured in the Thousand Islands Life. com
Thelma Moye
Comment by: Thelma Moye ( )
Left at: 3:29 PM Wednesday, February 17, 2010
I love the poetry, she is able to bring reallity to the words of her poems. You can invision the settings that she writes about and accompanied by her photography it brings to life what she writes. Her photography is amazing she comes by it so natural.
terri g
Comment by: terri g ( )
Left at: 7:11 PM Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Nice job Hope, great poem. The pics are truly fantastic. You are very talented. It is a great article I sent it to friends who live by Syracuse!!