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Story Book Wedding

Bob, raised in Endicott NY often tent camped at Wellesley Island State Park. I am from small town Nebraska. Today we divide our time between Kansas City, MO. and the deep Colorado mountains.

When Bob and I decided we would get married in July 2012, we looked at some of the most exotic and special wedding destinations in the world, but Bob was convinced there are not too many places on the planet like the 1000 Islands.

Even though I had never visited the area,  I agreed knowing Bob is not only the consummate planner but a true romantic.

He remembered wooden boats plying the river as a youngster and knew of the Antique Boat Museum. That was job Number One, finding a way to get married on a classic boat.

We had lots of advice and assistance from the staff at the Museum and we landed the ability to rent the beautiful 42' "Zipper".

Lodging was next, but Bob insisted that we find an island home that fit the period and ambiance that the "Zipper" deserved. Things were quite booked so we resorted to talking with Realtors, pleading with them to find a way for us to lodge at some of the notable island homes for sale. We were unsuccessful, so back to Google we went.

Somehow we had missed the 13 bedroom "Casa Blanca" on Cherry Island, maybe because this wedding was just for two of us. No wedding party, no family! We just needed one bedroom, but the staff at "Casa" treated us like the "whole" royal family!

So 1000 Islands it would be!

On a perfect evening we boarded the "Zipper", and cruised to a secluded spot in the "Narrows" off Wellesley Island where the Rev. Robert Egby, from Chaumont, performed the ceremony. The former official photographer of Mercedes Benze, Brad Miller and his wife Kimmy, captured the scenes from another boat in chase. Brad even climbed a cliff to capture some angles from above.

After the ceremony we cruised through the islands, gyro mounted camera on board. Bob had not told me much or shown me pictures of "Casa because he wanted it to be special for me as Zipper turned towards the dock. My heart raced as it came into view. On the dock, two waitresses holding drinks and appetizers. Melodies carried in the gentle breeze from the harpist on the porch ensured that this was going to be an evening I would never want to end.

An excellent dinner for two enhanced by the sharing of some special gifts including a rock Bob had ground into the shape of a heart. It sat on the table cloth in the midst of the actual sand produced by his grinding.

Somehow he even arranged to have a large freighter go right by our table!


We will be back....again....and again!

By Jill and Bob White, Kansas City, MO

Bob White, raised in upstate NY, regularly vacationed or camped with scouts in the Adirondacks and the 1000 Islands. Leaving NY, he landed in the midwest and graduated from Graceland University in Iowa with a BA in Sociology & Religion. Missing the lakes and woods of the east, Bob grew to enjoy the mountains of Colorado in between the development of two varied careers, “Tree Care” and “Legal Research. After owning several companies in both industries Bob is now retired and spends time on other entrepreneurial endeavors and not for profit boards.

Jill White hails from small town Nebraska. Her mom the town clerk, her dad the postmaster, Jill looks for life to be simply special. After time spent at the University of Nebraska Jill has raised six children and now enjoys time with four grandchildren. Somehow in between, Jill also developed a career in modeling and acting, usually for industry or advertising. She finished her career in public school Administration.

Jill & Bob live on a lake in Lee’s Summit Missouri in the spring and fall and at 10,000’ in the Colorado mountains in the summer and winter.

  • Riding in the Zipper

    Riding in the Zipper

  • Taking the vows

    Taking the vows

  • Touring the islands

    Touring the islands

  • Casa Blanca at the ready

    Casa Blanca at the ready

  • And there was dancing

    And there was dancing

  • A place to remember

    A place to remember

  • A view to remember

    A view to remember

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert White

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert White


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Comment by: Don ( )
Left at: 10:04 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012
Wow! Very Romantic!
Jen Schildt
Comment by: Jen Schildt ( )
Left at: 8:38 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Absolutely breathtaking! My husband and I got married at Bolt Castle. 1000 islands has so much to enjoy. We spend our vacation here each summer.
Comment by: Hilary ( )
Left at: 6:19 AM Thursday, October 18, 2012

As an islander, I was touched by Bob's choice of wedding locations amongst the wondrous places he'd discovered, and welcomed Jill as "one of us." As a hopeless romantic, the carved stone heart had me shedding a tear for these their reception! Now that's what I call "the art of living Wellesley."