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Grant ‘Lindy’ Lucy, boatman, founder of GBL

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Jamie McClelland
Comment by: Jamie McClelland ( )
Left at: 1:43 PM Saturday, December 1, 2012
That was quite a history lesson on the passenger vessel industry on the Canadian side of the 1000 Islands. Very good reading. With thanks, Jamie McClelland
Tom King
Comment by: Tom King ( )
Left at: 1:10 PM Thursday, December 20, 2012
Sorry for the tardiness of this comment Brian but I have gotten a little behind in my reading! This is another terrific article chronicling the history of the tour boat industry in the 1000 Islands. I can still remember, as a kid, watching Mr. Lucy drive around town in his Chrysler. I look forward to your next installment.
Anonymous User
Comment by: Anonymous User
Left at: 4:16 AM Sunday, March 10, 2013