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Bucky, a special winter visitor

I have been feeding the deer for years at our winter home along the Parkway near Ivy Lea.  They were emptying my bird feeders, even the squirrel proof one. They discovered how to stretch up and lick the feed out of the trough.

I started buying corn and the grocery store save me the old apples that have passed their shelf life. The deer also graze on the grass in our big back yard that opens onto their woods. Sometimes we get up to 10 deer in the back. I can walk out and throw apple pieces to them and they don't run away unless I move too quickly. Often in the morning they are waiting at the back of the house for me to get up and bring out some treats.

I have two antlers that they left in the yard in previous years. I was hoping Bucky would have left one this year as he had a beautiful 8 point rack, but I guess he left them in the woods.

Here is Bucky with his wonderful set of Antlers.  He is the main buck that comes around and he chases the young ones and the does away from the food. 
Photo by Judy Orr
A regular at the bird feeder
Photo by Judy Orr
When the apples and corn are gone, some of the deer will stand on their back legs to get to the bird seed on the tiered feeder.
Photo by Judy Orr
Photo by Judy Orr
Fighting Ladies2
Fighting ladies
Photo by Judy Orr

Photo by Judy Orr
This month Bucky visited without his antlers
Photo by Judy Orr

For those who do have deer and want to know more, see “Guidelines for Winter Feeding of Deer in Ontario:  Why, When, What and How of Winter Feeding,” by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario. 

By Judy Orr, Ivy Lea and Mudlunta Island

Judy Orr  moved from Ottawa to the St. Lawrence River when she retired after 37 years teaching. She lives with her husband David, on the Thousand Islands Parkway in the winter. This will be her 49th year at their summer home on Mudlunta Island.  Both Judy and David often share photographs with their friends and neighbors.

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Ewart Richardson
Comment by: Ewart Richardson ( )
Left at: 11:02 PM Thursday, February 14, 2013
Judy, I can't disagree with what you are doing given the scenario in your back yard and what I see from time to time on Moneysunk Island but I keep hearing that "we" are doing the wild animals a disservice by feeding them and not letting them provide for themselves. Does it really make them dependant on us for their survival in the long run? I don't know, but, in the meantime, keep on with the foodbank.

Ewart and Sal
Debbie (Hale) Ryan
Comment by: Debbie (Hale) Ryan ( )
Left at: 10:28 AM Friday, February 15, 2013
You are so lucky to be able to experience these little treasures in life that always make us smile. Great pictures-summer's comming soon.

See you in the spring

Debbie (Hale) Ryan
Barbara Hafeman
Comment by: Barbara Hafeman
Left at: 12:15 PM Friday, February 15, 2013

Hi Judy,

I love the deer behind our Summer House, and I also feed them when hunting season is on, to keep them safe. The rest of the time they eat my flowers, haha....

Everyone has the right to live....

Good Job!

Mostly to keeo