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There's a 1000 Islands Calling My Name…

It's a new song about our favorite spot in the World. The 1000 Islands.

It's written by a local performer called JPShaggy who often plays in Alexandria Bay, NY. JP says, “I grew up in a small town in a small church learning how to sing.” He goes on to say he attended four colleges, and graduated from two, Jefferson and Oswego! He has been singing and performing in the North Country ever since.

The song mentions all the places we care about: Singer Castle, Boldt Castle, the Polar Bear Dip, the Rift, the Pom Peli Cliffs, the T.I. Bridge, Bootleggers, Power Hour, Alexandria Bay, Clayton, Lake of the Isles, Pirates, Cannon Fire, and a ton of river memories.

If all goes well it's going to be on JPShaggy's new album, but JP needs your support to make the album. Studio Time is very expensive.

If you would like to help out JP has created a KICKSTARTER project to fund his new album. You may have heard of Kickstarter, as much has been written about it since its launch in 2009. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Thousands of projects – from films, games, music and art are being funded in communities around the globe.

The way it works is as follows…if enough people pledge to donate and the goal amount ($5,150) is reached the Album happens, if not no one pays anything. 

Different pledge amounts get you all sorts of cool stuff… from signed albums and t-shirts.. to a BBQ party with JP singing in your backyard.. how about a signed Fender guitar or even going to go to the recording studio to sing backup tracks? Really, you just need to go to his Kickstarter page.. watch the video… and check out the pledge amounts and what they get you. BIG THANKS go out to anyone that helps out.


BTW… we'll be making an awesome video to go along with the song this summer. It's my vision that it becomes a song the entire 1000 Islands Region adopts. We'll be shooting a lot of footage specifically for the video and we may need help here and there from YOU GUYS when that happens.

click here jp

So please consider helping a local performer make his dreams come true. JP is really talented and I am excited about this song. Be sure to watch the video to its end as there are familiar 1000 Islands scenes – together we can help this song become a reality.

By Johnny Truesdell -


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