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Photographs from Mother’s Day 2013

On May 12, 2013, we took the Rockport Boat Line’s Mother’s Day Cruise and Brunch.  We were inside, so the cold didn’t bother us. 

The brunch and views were great plus sharing it with friends Ed and Betty Wolos , made for a wonderful Mother’s Day.

pix 1
Gargoyle at Casa Blanca
pix 2
Lion and Gargoyle at Casa Blanca
pix 3
Rockport Boat Lines off Cornwall Brothers Store in Alexandria Bay
pix 4
Osprey Nest
pix 5
Deer Island on the border
pix 6
Boldt Castle Powerhouse Bridge
pix 7
“Alexandria Belle” with Sister Island in the background
pix 8
The American span of the Thousand Islands Bridge
pix 9
Devel’s Oven looking at Cherry Island
pix 10
Boldt Castle Powerhouse
pix 11
View of a Thousand Island
pix 12
Shoal Marker in cold rough waters, May 11, 2013

Photo essay by Dennis McCarty, Beadle’s Point, Cape Vincent, NY


By Kathi and Dennis McCarthy

Kathi and Dennis McCarthy are active members of the Thousand islands diving community and are the owners of Blue Ledge System Inc. which recently published five books, relating to diving and/or the history of the Thousand Islands. To see a TI Life profile of this very industrious couple, please see our March 2011 article, Kathi and Dennis McCarthy’s Discoveries …

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Brian Johnson
Comment by: Brian Johnson ( )
Left at: 1:49 PM Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Very well done, Kathi and Dennis!
You've captured that 'very early spring' look from the water that I remember so well.
Linda Springer
Comment by: Linda Springer ( )
Left at: 10:35 AM Friday, May 17, 2013
Loved seeing the pictures, we will be up there soon, back on the water. Clayton, NY.