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A Grand ‘ol Dame gets a facelift.. The Old House Museum on Wolfe Island

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Comment by: LyndaCrothers ( )
Left at: 12:54 PM Sunday, June 16, 2013
Thank you another wonderful story from Brian Johnson .
Heather Allen Childs
Comment by: Heather Allen Childs
Left at: 1:31 PM Thursday, September 4, 2014
I recently made a donation of an Ironstone pitcher to the museum. I gave it to Marty Broeders, who said he would place it there. I am making this donation in memory of my mother, Lorna Irvine Allen and my grandmother, Rachella Niles Irvine Henderson. The pitcher originally came from the Irvine family and was probably given to my grandmother by her mother-in-law, Maria McMullen Irvine. Both the Irvine and Niles families were United Empire Loyalists, and were among the first families to homestead Wolfe Island. The Irvines came from the Boston area bringing their belongings in an ox cart. They were very prosperous farmers and owned several farms. I am surprised that many historical books about Wolfe Island do not mention the Irvine family, although I believe Irvine's Bay is still there

This Ironstone pitcher was made in England circa 1890. My grandmother used it for milk, and my mother often used it for ice tea on long hot summer days. I hope it will make a nice addition to the museum.
Sincerely, Heather Childs
John Irvine
Comment by: John Irvine
Left at: 3:15 PM Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Hi I was just surfing through reading the article and then it dawned on me that if you are Lorna Irvine Allen's daughter, then we are first cousins. And I remember you and your brother David. Love to hear from you and do some catching up. John H. Irvine