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Photographs from the 4th of July, 2013

To celebrate the 4th of July, Dennis & I took a Rockport Boat Line cruise to watch the fireworks over Boldt Castle, Heart Island off Alexandria Bay.

We had a wonderful time seeing the islands, watching the fireworks & talking to old & new friends.  It was quite an experience seeing the hundreds of boats off Boldt Castle & what looked like thousands of people watching from shore.

pix 1
As we left the dock, another Rockport Boat Line tour headed for a cruise around the islands.
pix 2
Early birds spectators securing their seats for the Boldt Castle fireworks at the Pavilion on Casino Island, Alex Bay
pix 3
Sunset as the boats begin to gather for the fireworks
pix 4
Spectators seated on our tour boat, while navigation lights from the waiting boats fill the background
pix 5
Spectators set off fireworks over boats while waiting for the Boldt Castle fireworks
pix 7
Ka-Bomb! Fireworks light up Heart Island
pix 9
Fireworks reflecting on the water’s surface

By Kathi and Dennis McCarthy

Kathi and Dennis McCarthy are active members of the Thousand islands diving community and are the owners of Blue Ledge System Inc. which recently published five books, relating to diving and/or the history of the Thousand Islands. To see a TI Life profile of this very industrious couple, please see our March 2011 article, Kathi and Dennis McCarthy’s Discoveries ….

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gary clark
Comment by: gary clark ( )
Left at: 1:06 PM Friday, July 26, 2013
Nice pictures and memories of years past.
Devon Plumber
Comment by: Devon Plumber ( )
Left at: 7:19 AM Thursday, August 15, 2013
Splendid site, I am pleased I visited, thank you very much. Devon Plumber.