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“Tails of Thousand Island Park” Coming soon

I met Ann Davis in the Thousand Island Pavilion last month. She was one of a group of artists, displaying their wares as part of the Historic Home Walk put on by the Thousand Island Park Landmark Society. I was immediately drawn to Ann’s table because of the beautiful tablecloths and linens she had on display. I love tablecloths! But immediately I was distracted by her photo books. I was lucky enough to see the prototype of her newest book Tails of Thousand Island Park that will be released later this month.

In a community that dates back generations, Ann and husband Bob are relative newcomers. They’ve been coming to the Park for thirteen years, renting before eventually purchasing a cottage nine years ago.

Ann rarely goes anywhere without at least one camera. Tablecloths are her business, but photography is her passion. Ann thinks of herself as a “drive by shooter,” constantly clicking photos on her daily walks.

Over the years she’s snapped wonderful pictures that deliciously capture the essence of summer life at the Park. Her first book came about when an employee of the Thousand Island Park Corporation was retiring and moving away. Ann thought it would be nice to put some photos together in a book as a remembrance and voile---simply titled Thousand Island Park was born. 

When Ann thinks about the park, the first two things that come to mind are dogs and kids. As an owner of three dogs who love the river (Joey, Justin and Ziva,) Ann decided to put together a photo book featuring Thousand Island Park’s canine residents.

The book will be released this month. Ann is planning a dog parade to celebrate, with a portion of the sales to go to a local dog rescue organization.

There are no pictures of two-legged creatures in Ann’s book. The photos feature dogs, not their owners. Oh, so many soulful, fetching, panting, tail-wagging dogs. Dogs as they lounge on the porch, jump from the dock, or sit in the golf cart as they wait for their masters to pick up the mail. Exuberance for life on the river shines through her canine subject’s eyes. Those tails tell the tales of Thousand Island Park.

By Lynn E. McElfresh

Lynn McElfresh is a regular contributor to TI Life, writing stories dealing with her favorite Grenell Island and island life. We have learned a great deal over the past three years from Lynn McElfresh’s musings, from moving pianos to island weddings or from plumbing problems to meeting old friends, taking nature walks and the importance of trees.  Recently she presented several articles about Grenell for its 100th Birthday.  See all of Lynn’s 50+ articles here.

  • "Tails of Thousand Islands Park" to be released in August.

  • Sample of Ann Davis TI Park, Wellesley Island Hotel. Ann Davis Photograph ©

    Sample of Ann Davis TI Park, Wellesley Island Hotel. Ann Davis Photograph ©

  • TI  Park Library. Ann Davis Photograph ©

    TI Park Library. Ann Davis Photograph ©


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Sue Smith
Comment by: Sue Smith ( )
Left at: 2:33 PM Friday, August 16, 2013
I did a double take when I saw this photo of a Flat Coated Retriever- looks just like the one we had that left us last fall. She loved the river - either in a boat or swimming and we miss her every day. I can't imagine the river without our dogs.
Susan Defoor McConnell
Comment by: Susan Defoor McConnell
Left at: 10:04 PM Saturday, October 11, 2014
Hi, I don't think you will be able to help me but since the place I am looking for doesn't seem to be in business anymore, I am just taking a shot in the dark. My grandmother Cleora Fern Fredenburg was born on Wesley island in the late 1800s, and she moved to Lansdowne Ontario when she married my Grandfather Frederick McConnell. I have a photo of my grandmother when she was 4 1/2 months old and this was taken at Fowler and Minor view and portrait Artists / Thousand Island Park N.Y. photo studio. I kind of was thinking if my great grandparents had a portrait of their daughter taken at that studio maybe there are other family portraits still out there somewhere. If you maybe could give me some information on this photo studio if you can find anything out that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Sue Defoor McConnell
Patti Barber
Comment by: Patti Barber
Left at: 10:07 AM Thursday, August 10, 2017
I recently visited TI Park and found "Tails of Thousand Island Park", by Ann Garell Davis, among a group of books available to read at the Guzzle. I fell in love with the book and thought I would be able to find somewhere. No luck. Please, would you know how I might find a copy to buy? I even checked Amazon, with no luck.

Thank you.

Patti Barber