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Photography by Andy King

Andy King spends most of the summer on Black Duck Island in the Admiralty Islands.  We say "most" because Andy also travels to National Parks in Canada and the United States, and everywhere he goes he carries his camera, tripod and hiking boots!

In December Andy sent TI Life a series of photographs to illustrate an article written by his mother, Jean King's Black Duck Cottage Family History, and we are pleased to share the photographs with you.  All of the shots shown below, except the sunset shot, were taken with a Pentax 6x7 camera using Velvia slide film1.

 Andress St. Lawrence Skiff
In the fog is an original Black Duck Island Andress St. Lawrence Skiff on Hemlock Island, proudly owned by Jean and John King.  The Skiff was recently refinished by the Andress Boat works in Rockport. 

© Andy King

Bostwick Island's Half Moon Bay,  Vesper services have been held in the bay for more than one hundred years.

© Andy King


Bostwick Island Boathouses
Boathouses on Bostwick Island, in perspective with Black Duck island in the background.

© Andy King


 Blue Canoe
Blue Canoe, near Black Duck Island.  Wolfe Island is on the horizon.

© Andy King

Gananoque boat houses
Gananoque's Boat Houses in low water and captured before demolition by the Town of Gananoque. 

© Andy King


 Blueberry Point, Black Duck Island
Black Duck Island and Black Duckling Island in the Fall.

© Andy King


Black Duck Sunset, in September of Blueberry Point. © Andy King (35mm Velvia)

Andrew B. King is the founder and former managing editor of and, both award-winning developer sites from  Andrew subsequently started a company devoted to helping companies improve website speed, traffic, and credibility.  He has published two books, his most recent titled Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets  from O'Reilly Media.

Andy lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan when he is not living on Canadian Black Duck Island in the Admiralty Islands near Gananoque. His hobbies include photography, skiing, and hiking.  HIs website for photography is:



The  Pentax 6x7 camera is a medium-format film camera, favored by  landscape and aerial photographers. The image size is 70 by 56 millimeters. (By comparison, a standard 35-mm film frame is 36 by 24  millimeters). Velvia slide film, known for its rich color palette, is one of the highest resolution films available.

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Catharine Van Sickle
Comment by: Catharine Van Sickle ( )
Left at: 8:14 AM Thursday, January 15, 2009
These photographs are outstanding.They bring backy feelings of the serenity of the the surroundings and their beauty.This is peaceful in this cold weather and these turbulent times.
Comment by: marnie
Left at: 8:35 AM Thursday, January 15, 2009
I really enjoyed the photos Andy.
Jan Brabant
Comment by: Jan Brabant ( )
Left at: 6:43 AM Friday, January 16, 2009
Great pictures!!
Raymond Pfeiffer
Comment by: Raymond Pfeiffer ( )
Left at: 4:58 PM Friday, January 16, 2009
These are superb photographs that stir my soul amid a winter day. How priveleged we are to feel the natural beauty around us! The old row of Gananoque boathouses, that I remember so well, and did not really appreciate until they were gone, are captured by this photo of a real Wabi Sabi sort!
Carlos Belsham (Capt Ret'd)
Comment by: Carlos Belsham (Capt Ret'd) ( )
Left at: 9:44 AM Friday, September 4, 2009
Andy, I did not realize I was in contact with such a talented person. Your early mornings adventures, such as Aubrey campsite!, and your eye for the sureal sure pays off. Your pictures are full of life and dimension. BZ.
Andy King
Comment by: Andy King ( )
Left at: 7:45 AM Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Thanks Carlos, glad to have met you.

Thank you all for your positive comments on my photos. Each photograph above evokes a moment in time for me, I remember how I felt taking the fog shot and the serene calm of the canoe shot (cue the loon). There is something about the islands that keeps pulling me (and a lot of other folks) back every summer.

This summer was no different, we enjoyed our stay and were lucky with the weather. Took lots of pictures to add to my growing collection of 6x7 slides. Yes, that was me puttering about in our small boat just after dawn and before sunset. I like Beaurivage for early morning shots. There is an ancient tree on Beaurivage that makes a wonderful foreground, and some nearby islands that light up at dawn. Pine Island and Aubrey are good for late afternoon shots, and have some good fall colors. I think you could spend a lifetime photographing the islands and never run out of great material. Hope to see you out there.
Mary Loos
Comment by: Mary Loos
Left at: 8:00 AM Saturday, April 18, 2015
I came across your work after doing a search on Gananoque boathouses. What a lovely surprise to see the spirt and beauty captured. I was taken back to days gone by. Countless trips back and forth to town were made through those tilted dark doors. Eyes adjusting to the light, feet balanced on sinking boards, birds circling in and out overhead and even the occasional muskrat hiding in a corner. They look to be holding each other up in your photo.
Andy King
Comment by: Andy King
Left at: 9:52 AM Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thanks very much for your comments on my photos. The old boathouses have been removed, so you don't see many photos of these anymore. I love shots of the islands in the fog, happens in the spring and fall in the morning typically. Fog adds an element of mystery to this magical place. I'm looking forward to coming up again this summer to the cottage. I can almost hear the loon serenade now...