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Three Generations of News thanks to the Smith family…

As I delve into Grenell Island history, the newspaper archive is a treasure trove of information. Sporadically throughout the decades, the Thousand Islands Sun has had a column on Grenell Island. Several Grenellians have served as correspondents. I’ve found clippings written by Ethel Gardner and Barb Kewin. But most of the columns have come from one location on Grenell---the Smith Compound.

The Smith family is one of the “founding families” of Grenell. Olivia Pratt describes their introduction to the island in The Story of Grenell:

It happened that Miss Anne Clements who had a cottage on the north shore of Grenell* sang in a church choir in New York City and took a fancy to the boy violinist who played there. So she invited young Freddie Smith to visit at her camp. His family came up to see the place and that was the beginning of a devotion to Grenell, which has not ended. For several years the Smiths paid Mr. Grenell three dollars a year for tenting privilege, and camped in two large tents on the land where their cottages now stand.


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Rex Ennis
Comment by: Rex Ennis ( )
Left at: 10:31 AM Saturday, March 15, 2014
Lynn, great article!
Katie DuBon
Comment by: Katie DuBon ( )
Left at: 8:42 AM Monday, March 17, 2014
Dear Lynn,
Thank you considering the Smiths legacy on Grenell for one of your topics! Your writing paints a romantic vision of the weekly column contributor. I remember Gwen rounding the island with pen and pad to capture the news of her neighbors each week. Then the clicking of her manual Remington from the porch to ready the article for the mail boat on Monday. I was envious when Paige simply pressed "send"!
Deb Shaw
Comment by: Deb Shaw ( )
Left at: 11:44 AM Tuesday, March 18, 2014
This is a wonderful article!
Charlie Millar
Comment by: Charlie Millar ( )
Left at: 2:42 PM Saturday, March 29, 2014
In the Summer of '69 or '70 my mother, father, brother and I decided to take a cruise from Carleton Island down river, etc. One reason was to stop by Grenell and introduce ourselves Gwen. We had been reading her columns for many years and enjoyed them all. It was a pleasure for finally meet her!
Rae Grenell-Fournier
Comment by: Rae Grenell-Fournier ( )
Left at: 8:46 PM Tuesday, July 15, 2014
What a coincidence that Paige chose UC Davis to attend college. That is where my sister's (Ginny) son (Kevin) graduated from. He just graduated, with Honors, from Columbia and is now performing his residency there, closer to you all, than to us. LOVED the article!