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A Pilot’s Story

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Lynda Crothers
Comment by: Lynda Crothers ( )
Left at: 10:23 AM Tuesday, July 15, 2014
A rainy Tuesday, a good time to read, a rest from yard work. Thank You Brian another great story.
Bob Graham
Comment by: Bob Graham ( )
Left at: 9:43 AM Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Congratulations to Captain Brian on yet another excellent contribution to TI LIFE!

A footnote to this article: while the Maple Leaf Flag was not official adopted until the following February, on 3 June 1964, the Hall Corporation of Canada Tanker GULF TRANSPORT hoisted a facsimile thereof, marking the first occasion on which the future national flag was displayed on a Canadian merchant vessel. This representation may not have been identical to the final version, however, as one early proposal featured blue borders (symbolizing "sea-to-sea") rather than the red borders ultimately adopted.