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Cruise ships are coming…

As we go to press today, April 14th, we learned that Clayton will serve as a Port of Call for cruise ships this summer. 


Mayor Norma Zimmer and the Village of Clayton made a joint announcement  that the Thousand Islands Regional Dock and Clayton Cruise Ship Terminal located at Frink Park in Clayton will welcome two luxury cruise ships over the course of the 2015 summer and early fall.


MS Saint Laurent and Pearl Mist will make port calls into Clayton between May 10 and October 17. In total, 13 large cruise ship visits are slated for the Regional Dock this summer.


MS Saint Laurent, a 286-foot cruise ship, which was recently refurbished after being purchased by Haimark Line, will be making its maiden voyage under its new name and owner in 2015 and will dock in Clayton a total of 11 times between May 10 and October 17.

The five-deck, 105 stateroom luxury liner will make numerous trips along the St. Lawrence Seaway, as well as the upper Great Lakes. The ship previously sailed the St. Lawrence Seaway while known as Cape May Light and Sea Voyager.

Pearl Mist returns to Clayton after making two visits in 2014. The 335-foot ship features six decks with 108 staterooms. The vessel, which is owned by Pearl Seas Cruises, will again make two port visits, both of which will be overnight stays.

Both ships carry up to 210 passengers.

In addition to the cruise ships, Clayton is also expected to receive a visit from a US Coast Guard Cutter over the July 4th holiday.

Thousand Islands Regional Dock and Clayton Cruise Ship Terminal

The Thousand Islands Regional Dock and Clayton Cruise Ship Terminal became a U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Coast Guard certified 105c Port of Entry in October 2011.

Recent vessels to call upon the port include; tall ships – Lynx, Pride of Baltimore II and Empire Sandy; yachts – Blue Moon, Lady Sandals, Unity, Battered Bull, Freedom; tugboats – Robinson Bay, Performance and Commodore Straits. In 2014, the port welcomed cruise ship Pearl Mist on two separate occasions.

The Regional Dock is conveniently located just off the main shipping channel at Frink Park along Riverside Drive in downtown Clayton.

2015 Port Schedule for Clayton, New York

(as of April 14, 2015; subject to change)

Date Hours in Port Vessel

    • May 10 8am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • May 17 7am – 6pm MS Saint Laurent
    • May 26 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • June 22 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • July 1 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • July 3 TBD US Coast Guard Cutter
    • July 16/17 8pm – 8pm Pearl Mist (overnight visit)
    • July 28 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • September 11 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • September 13/14 8am – 8am Pearl Mist (overnight visit)
    • September 20 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • September 29 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • October 8 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent
    • October 17 9am – 1pm MS Saint Laurent

For more information, including all mooring specifics for the 383 foot dock and/or information about the Clayton Cruise Ship Terminal, contact the Village of Clayton at 315-686-5552 or visit

By Susan W. Smith,


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Dan Baldock
Comment by: Dan Baldock
Left at: 11:22 AM Wednesday, April 15, 2015
This is great news for Clayton! Good to see positive results from re-dedicating itself to the river, it's history a taking the lead in crafting its own future. Now look north and see the confusion in Gananoque. At short term solution to the contractor dock appears to be in place but after selling and zoning out iits birthright, river access, how long will it be before you can't even gas up you boat in Gananoque let alone have the river in its many facets generate income for the town? Anyway, congrats to Clayton for moving the whole region forward as a North American destination.