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“Ian Coristine’s 1000 Islands” – hits the mark, again

Luckily for 1000 Islanders, this winter Ian Coristine found he had almost 20,000 new photographs, since he published his last picture book. Therefore, on June 1st, Ian published Volume VII Ian Coristine’s 1000 Islands.  It is truly beautiful and, like all his endeavours -  is the best it can be. 

Ian and his camera used to capture photographs from his float plane, but having sold it several years ago, this time he turned to a helicopter.  He also learned to paddle his kayak and shoot some incredible water-level shots.  


Ian has always believed it is critical to showcase the 1000 Islands in the way they deserve, so this book again features a level of physical quality seldom found in any regional or even international book.

“Salties,” which must meet the challenges of ocean crossings, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, the largest ships here are “Lakers.” Typically 740 feet long, they are designed to fill every square inch of the locks they use, while navigating the St. Lawrence Seaway.
Private Bridges
Private bridges are not uncommon in the Islands, but very few host more than one. Here at the mouth of Goose Bay, Caprice Island shares a bridge with neighboring Shamrock and a second to a tiny islet to let you get away from it all.

Ian describes the book as having a Matte laminated hard cover with luxurious padding, spot gloss UV, foil, high gloss pages throughout plus two different 4-color end sheets, featuring two vastly improved maps. 

The map design required a professional cartographer, Steven Gordon in Madison, Alabama, working alongside Ian’s long time graphics magician, Ottawa’s Dave O’Malley (who also designed TI Life in 2008!).

The maps were a major undertaking, layering-in information which visitors need, but can’t find on road maps or charts. All the region’s important attractions, points of interest, an accurate shipwreck list, marinas with fuel for boaters, the parks, golf courses and much, much more.

One important aspect is having the coordinates, next to the page numbers, so readers can quickly find the exact location of every picture in the book.

In addition to publishing the book, there is also a printed  color laminated version, to pin on the cottage wall and a sophisticated Z-Fold pocket map that pops-open to reveal all the 1000 Islands has on offer. 


The idea has always been to show all there is to do on the River, and where they can be found, the kinds of things that aren’t shown on road maps or charts.” In addition to all the attractions and points of interest, the map pinpoints all the parks, lighthouses, shipwrecks, marinas with fuel, golf courses and much more.

As well as gracing the book’s end sheets, Ian has produced a sophisticated Z-Fold map that easily fits in a pocket plus a full size laminated version intended for the cottage wall.

Ian’s previous books have proven remarkably popular. Despite only being sold on the River, every one of his volumes has achieved bestseller status, with the total surpassing 100,000 copies sold. Two also won international Benjamin Franklin “Benny” Awards, while his interactive iPad eBook One in a Thousand garnered 5-star ratings in the iTunes stores in Canada and the U.S. as well as two MarCom Awards.

The book retails at $25 US /$30 Cdn.  The folded maps will be $6.50 U.S./$7.95 Cdn. Laminated maps will be $11.95 U.S. /14.95 Cdn.  All are available in the islands in gift and book stores on both sides of the river or from

Ian says, “This is the culmination of twenty years of work, my top picks from over 50,000 images I’ve captured since the River became my life’s work. To not share these is unthinkable.”  

We agree!  

Susan W. Smith, Editor, TI Life

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