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Poets & Writers, INK: “Summer Magic”

Editor’s Note: “Summer Magic” was written by Robert L. Neulieb, a member of the Poet & Writers, INK, Cape Vincent, NY. It was part of a 500-word essay, or a written poem, writing assignment, given to the club for their Monday, June 29th, meeting.


Summer Magic

Waters from Ontario and Minnesota, waters from Wisconsin, waters from Illinois and Indiana, waters from Michigan, waters from Ohio and Pennsylvania, waters from New York flow past the islands.

Daytime sun shines upon these rippling waters gleaming, shimmering, hypnotizing the islanders. Morning and evening sun shines on these placid waters, reddening, silhouetting, enchanting the islanders. Sunshine and water, a magical combination that entices return year after year. Summer magic enough to last a year.

Sun shines on the waters of the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, evaporating and cleansing, enabling rain and snow to fall on Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, flowing past the islands, nourishing algae, sedges, reeds and water lilies, enabling minnows, perch, bass, pike and muskies.

Sun shines on the islands, growing grasses, berries, bushes, basswoods, maples and oaks, providing shelter and food for wrens, finches, robins, blue birds and hawks, for otters, rabbits, foxes, raccoons and deer. Summer magic enough to last a year.

Sun and water, a magical combination that takes what the sun sacrifices, to flow rivers, forest islands, evolve, protect and nourish animals.

This and only this magical combination, requires no earthly sacrifices. The magical combination, a cornucopia that can provide all the Earth needs for a near eternity of years – no earthly moonscapes necessary.

By Robert Neulieb

Robert Loren Neulieb received a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, a mathematical physics discipline, from Purdue University. While he has taught both mathematics and physics at the college level, he has worked mainly as an aerospace and railway engineer. Since 1979 he has lived, off the grid, in northern New York, using solar panels, a composting toilet and dead or diseased wood for heating. His popular published articles concern earth-sun interaction and Lepidoptera. Robert’s wife Marilyn helps organize the Poets & Writers, INK, activities from June through August this year.

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Thomas Pierce
Comment by: Thomas Pierce
Left at: 10:22 AM Wednesday, July 15, 2015
The writing is brilliant . I would love to see more articles by this author!!!!
Lori Arnot
Comment by: Lori Arnot
Left at: 6:36 AM Friday, July 24, 2015
That is beautiful! Thank you Robert. I look forward to more. The line "Summer magic enough to last a year." strikes a deep chord in my heart. You nailed it.
Thomas Neulieb
Comment by: Thomas Neulieb
Left at: 7:09 PM Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Fantastic! I love how you integrated the different environmental systems and interactions and, yet, maintained the poetic tones which creates a soothing and 'flowing' read. Thank you.
Meaghan Shaw
Comment by: Meaghan Shaw
Left at: 7:31 PM Tuesday, August 4, 2015
The author's literary use of repetition of particular phrases throughout the article's prose beautifully aids in emphasizing the central ideas. The reader is vividly swept into "Summer Magic", being transported to the landscape of the poem similar to the water from various parts of the nation which all converge around the thousand islands.