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We say THANKS to Lynn McElfresh…

Turning 80 is a milestone – no I am not talking age – but rather the number of articles decided upon, researched, written – then re written – and finally submitted to “TI Life.” Lynn E. McElfresh has accomplished this since her first article in August 2009.

I met Lynn while was answering questions about the history of the islands at the home of Regina (Gini) and the late Irving Rosen, on Wellesley Island. The Rosen’s home was showcased as part of the 2009 Thousand Islands Art Centre’s House Tour. When I finished my little talk, Lynn introduced herself and said the magic words, “I love to write…would you like some help?”

Eighty articles later – I still look forward to the 1st of the month when I see Lynn McElfresh’s name in my email, as there is always a wonderful 1000 Islands article attached.

Today, we thank Lynn and try to pay tribute.

On behalf of everyone – this editor and our 5000+ subscribers – we thank you most sincerely, Lynn, your words are very much enjoyed and appreciated! 

(And tell Gary we appreciate  the role he plays such as  moving pianos, fixing the plumbing and unpacking the car when you arrive for the season!)


Ian Coristine “For those who’ve never tried crafting a well written article, you may not realize how much effort it takes. With that in mind, it’s hard for me to imagine writing eighty of them! All beautifully written, informative and entertaining for islanders (and would be islanders), a real pleasure to read. Thank you Lynn for your amazing talents and these gifts you’ve given the River community.”
Kim  Lunman:  “Lynn McElfresh brings island life to life with her delightful dispatches from Grenell Island. I always look forward to reading Lynn’s stories in every month as she chronicles her family’s life on Rum Rock and the River touching on everything from the history of the cottage colony of Grenell, including its chapel, antique boats, as well as pirates, ships and visiting loons and mergansers. Thank you Lynn for sharing your special stories with the Thousand Islands community.”
Robert Matthews: “You don't know me from a hill of beans but I feel I know you after reading most of your many fine TIL articles. Congratulations on reaching 90. Great job! 
A fellow fanatic of The River, Bob Matthews
Brian Johnson: "Life on the St. Lawrence River is never dull in any season but nobody... nobody tells all about living small island life like Lynn can! You are actually 'there' living the experience with her and her adventures..."
Michael Folsom: Lynn's time and dedication to TI Life has been insurmountable over the years and the quality of work always captures the reader's attention. Much thanks to her for unique and interesting contributions that make TI Life one of the most sought-after publications in the region.
Bill Stallan: I’m from a big city Lynn, but I’ve read more stories about Grenell Island than I have about Toronto;  I feel like I know Grenell  even better that TO, in a fraction of the time I’s lived here.”

Below are photographs of Lynn’s 79 articles!  Enjoy them all through our link: /BackIssues/Archive/tabid/393/articleType/AuthorView/authorID/283/Default.aspx 

Lynn's first twelve articles


Second dozen articles by Lynn McElfresh
Lynn's second twelve
Lynn's tribute to Save the River
Including Book reviews
Close calls with ships and renaming boats
This year's articles

Susan W. Smith,,  Editor TI Life

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Lynn McElfresh
Comment by: Lynn McElfresh
Left at: 8:32 PM Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Ah Shucks, you guys! You made me cry! Thanks for all your kind words.
Linda Hendley
Comment by: Linda Hendley
Left at: 9:10 PM Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Lynn consistently gives to our Grenell Island community. Her enthusiasm for learning, living, and giving is contagious. Thank you, Lynn - - we cannot use enough words to tell you how much we love you and what you do to make island living special.
Cici sauda
Comment by: Cici sauda
Left at: 11:51 AM Wednesday, July 15, 2015
A very nice and deserving tribute Lynn!! Congrats!!
Cathy Brown
Comment by: Cathy Brown
Left at: 12:03 PM Wednesday, July 15, 2015
I love Lynn and Gary! I just met them less than a year ago, but I love hearing of their adventures and Lynn's articles really make me want to be on Grenell Island! Congratulations Lynn! You are so very talented!
Cathy Brown
Comment by: Cathy Brown
Left at: 12:09 PM Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Kudos to Lynn and Gary! Great people! I wish I had half the talent Lynn has!
Lynn McElfresh
Comment by: Lynn McElfresh
Left at: 6:45 AM Thursday, July 16, 2015
Thanks everyone for the kudos. Can't believe I'm coming up on my sixth anniversary for writing for T.I. Life. It's been magical from the beginning. I met Susie while attending Thousand Islands Arts Center Art & Architecture Tour back in June of 2009. Before I left the cottage, I grabbed a stack of business cards and said aloud to no one, “In case I meet someone who wants me to write for them today.” I have no idea what prompted me to say or think that.

Magic was in the air.

T. I. Life has opened so many doors for me. I’ve met wonderful people because of it. On the top of the list: Susie, Ian and Kim. Then there are authors like Donna Walsh Inglehart and artist Kelly Curry, people I would never had the honor of meeting if it weren’t for T.I. Life.

It’s brought me together with the Grenell descendents. They feel like my family now. And we’ve found real family too when a long lost, distant cousin recognized her great-grandmother's pictures posted on T.I. Life.

But my favorite is when I get emails from people across the country, who have tidbits of history to share with me about Grenell Island.

Writing for T.I. Life has been a magical experience.