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Pictures from the Thousand Islands by Lori Deiter

About Lori

Lori Deiter developed a love for photography in 2007, after joining the ranks of Empty Nesters.  What began as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion.  She recently retired from her full-time job as a budget analyst, to spend more time with her photography, and more time boating in the Thousand Islands.  

Country landscapes, wildlife, waterfalls and Thousand Islands scenery, are what Lori loves most.  Lori and her husband Jim have been vacationing in the Thousand Islands region with their family, for over 30 years.   A few of her favorite subjects include the infamous Boldt Castle, the Thousand Islands Bridge and various lighthouses. 

Lori can often be seen kayaking in the Clayton area at sunrise and sunset, trying to get the perfect shot.   She prefers natural light and candid photography, if humans are involved!


Most of Lori’s images are captured with her Canon 70D which is always by her side. She dabbles with Photoshop, HDR, textures and various Topaz treatments, to present many of her images.

Lori lives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband, and their two Labs Sienna and Lily.  She has two grown children and three grandchildren, who also keep her busy, and are often the subjects in her photography.

Lori's work is for sale online, at Fine Art America (, and her work is also available to wholesale and retail customers, at Penny Lane Publishing (

[Unless noted, images are taken with her Canon 70D, and a standard 18-200 Canon Lens.]



Our home away from home during boating season, is on our Rinker, docked at Bayside Marina in Clayton, NY. We try to make as many trips as possible between May and October. We also like to visit the Thousand Islands during the winter!
1) 5-23-15 Deiter - Our Boat Sunset at Bayside Marina sm
Our Boat Sunset at Bayside Marina - Lori Deiter ©2015


8/1/15 - This is a spectacular panoramic view of a stormy night in Clayton, New York. I was using my Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens, from our dock. Using Adobe Photoshop, I stitched together three images for the full panoramic view.

Mother Natures Artwork
Mother Nature’s Artwork - Lori Deiter ©2015


2/13/10 - Every year we like to spend at least one wintry weekend in the Thousand Islands. I love Boldt Castle, especially in the winter. This was one of my favorite mornings, because everything was covered with frozen fog. The image was enhanced in Photoshop, to brighten and soften the original image.
2a) 2-13-10 TI - Deiter Frosted Boldt Castle sm
Frosted Boldt Castle, Lori Deiter ©2015


2/20/11 - One of my favorite subjects to photograph is the Thousand Islands Bridge. This HDR image was taken on a frigid morning in February. Using my Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens and a tripod, I took three exposures of the bridge, and they were blended in a software program called Photomatix Pro, to bring out the details. Finishing enhancements were made in Adobe Photoshop.
 TI Bridge
 TI Bridge set
Thousand Islands Bridge - Lori Deiter ©2015


5/24/14 - I always make my husband slow down for pictures at the Rock Island Lighthouse. Some days the sky is boring and the water is choppy, so conditions aren't ideal for a great photograph. That's why I use Photoshop, to transform some images into something more interesting. My final image was created by layering three photographs (the lighthouse, a sunrise photo and some birds). I use all of my own photographs for layering.
 Rock Island Sunrise
Rock Island Sunrise - Lori Deiter ©2015


6/29/15 - In addition to our boat, I keep my kayak at Bayside Marina. I use my kayak to capture sunrises and sunsets around the marina. This sunset image was processed using Topaz Impression software, to give it a slight oil painting effect.
 Clouds Come Floating
Clouds Come Floating  - Lori Deiter ©2015


7/31/15 - I am a morning person! I'm always walking around the dock at sunrise trying to capture the morning glow and morning mist. This sunrise picture was taken at Bayside Marina. The image was processed in Topaz Impression, for a slight oil painting effect, and the flying geese were added in Photoshop.
When Morning Calls
When Morning Calls  - Lori Deiter ©2015


8/30/14 - These are before and after pictures of our dock neighbor Skip sailing on the St. Lawrence River. I loved the original action shot, but the sky was boring that day. Using Adobe Photoshop, I layered one of my Thousand Island sunset pictures with the sailboat, and then I used Topaz Impression for an oil painting effect.
Sailboat  - Lori Deiter ©2015


8/30/15 - This schooner is the St. Lawrence II headed for Kingston, Ontario. I took many pictures as we passed by, but bright sunlight was challenging that day. In Adobe Photoshop, I desaturated the image (removed most of the color), and darkened the sky, to give it a more dramatic effect.
St Lawrence II
St Lawrence II  - Lori Deiter ©2015


9/12/14 - I love walking to the top of the Thousand Islands Bridge to take pictures, and this was my lucky day! Using my Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens, I captured this ship, “Sarah Degagnes,” passing under the bridge. I loved the symmetrical pattern in the River. Only minor editing was done to adjust the contrast and lighting.
 Sarah Desagnes Quebec
“ Sarah Desgagnes” Quebec - Lori Deiter ©2015


9/3/12 - I'm always making my husband get up early, to catch the sunrise by boat. This is a natural sunrise photo, at Rock Island Lighthouse, except for the addition of the geese. I take a lot of pictures of birds, to blend with other images, to add interest.
 Rock Island Lighthouse
Rock Island Lighthouse - Lori Deiter ©2015


9/2/12 - We love the view of "The Narrows" from the Cliff Trail - Wellesley Island State Park. We like to visit the Park in the summer and the winter. This image was tone mapped in Photomatix Pro, to bring out the colors and detail.

 The Narrows
The Narrows - Lori Deiter ©2015


By Lori Deiter

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Lori Deiter is a self-taught artist who developed a love for photography in 2007 after her youngest child graduated and left for college.  Lori's work is for sale online, at Fine Art America (, and her work is also available to wholesale and retail customers, at Penny Lane Publishing (

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Thornley Stoker
Comment by: Thornley Stoker
Left at: 12:35 PM Sunday, November 15, 2015
Beautiful images Lori. Thank you.
Deb Buchanan
Comment by: Deb Buchanan
Left at: 1:35 PM Sunday, November 15, 2015
Lori is a talented lady that I met during our WebShots days...and now a FaceBook friend as well. She never ceases to amaze me with her creative abilities through Photography! Congratulations Lori, on being honored this month!
Daney Duperron
Comment by: Daney Duperron
Left at: 5:02 PM Sunday, November 15, 2015
This is just my opinion.
I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years.
I learned photography the old fashion way.
You get up, search out the ideal spot and time to capture the picture you you are looking for.
You had to be able to use the camera to create the picture.
What people are doing today with camera and photography their manipulating picture with software.
I don't believe it's the same thing.
To me this is not true photography.
There should be two competitions
(1) for PHOTO ART
To me there not the same.
Your photo are great. But to me when there manipulated with software that takes away the true skill.
Nicole Hartshorn
Comment by: Nicole Hartshorn
Left at: 8:07 PM Sunday, November 15, 2015
Lori, you have an amazing eye and a beautiful imagination! Great article. Hope you have a great winter, looking forward to seeing you on the dock come spring. Keep up the nice work!
Your NY friends,
Nicole, Tom, Tj and Amber
Gale Shuba
Comment by: Gale Shuba
Left at: 10:19 AM Monday, November 16, 2015
Hi Lori,

You do not know me but we are mutual friends with Skip. Your work is amazing. Skip shared with me the photo shopped image of his boat and it is stunning. I am currently doing an oil painting of that picture.
I have not seen Skip this week but I plan on offering it to him for a small fee. Do you have a problem with me painting it? Please let me know as I don't want to steal your work.

Thank you
Gale Shuba

PS If this is a problem, I will keep the painting for myself. If you would like, when it is finished I can send you a photo of it.
Mark Bond
Comment by: Mark Bond
Left at: 11:46 PM Monday, November 30, 2015
Lori, Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of the 1000 Islands! The one with the sailboat is amazing, taking a typical photo & adding just the right effects transforms it into something truly amazing. Keep up the great work!