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Buy us a Coffee–Donut–or Dinner?

When Paul Malo created TI Life in 2006, he wanted to share his Thousand Islands history files with everyone.  He also did not want advertising and no subscription or membership fees – he wanted TI Life to be a gift to the River community. 

In June 2014, we made the decision – 8 years after Paul’s first issue of TI Life – to ask for support.  We certainly thank those who have supported us through our DONATE Button – now, we are asking again – over the winter  - to hit that DONATE Button.

How do you publish TI Life each month?

  • Through volunteers  - Right now all authors, photographs and our dedicated editors/proof readers volunteer their time and expertise.
  • Mike Cox, from Creative Information Solutions (the best friend in the world), continues to provide hours of free web service to ensure each issue is posted and works!
  • Many museums, libraries, and professional photographs, allow us to share 100s of photographs at no cost.

So why do you need financial support?

  • Since June 2014,  your donations covered our Constant Contact mailing program, allowing us to send our email notification to 5,000 subscribers. 
  • We have purchased and still need more software to assist with posting, and publishing articles. 

What kind of support are you looking for?

  • What about the price of a coffee? (mind you my Starbucks, Tim Horton's and Panera… is more expensive this year than last..).  $2
  • What about the price of a coffee and a donut?  $5.
  • Maybe a pound of coffee.  $10
  • Or go way out and pay for the price of a full dinner; at Aubrey's Inn, Bella’s, Bonnie Castle, Cavallario’s, Clipper Inn, Cornwall’s, Foxy’s,  Koffee Kove, P.J’s, Riley’s, The Riva, River Mill,  the Rondette, The Ivy, TI Club, TI Park’s Wellesley Hotel,  (I know I forgot many… so add to the list by leaving a comment) … take your pick.  $15, $25, $50+?
  • …Or, however much you think TI Life is worth supporting? 


  • Use our Donate Button – with PayPal or standard credit cards.  (There are two buttons, one for Canadian funds, one in US funds – remember you may give in Canadian funds even if you are a US resident.)
  • Or use Snail Mail and a cheque/check, by sending contributions to:  Thousand Islands Life Magazine, c/o my mailing address: 103 Tall Oak Pvt., Ottawa, ON K1G 6T3.

What else?

Thank you most sincerely,

Susan W. Smith, Editor, Thousand Islands Life Magazine

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