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Welcome to Fibonacci 321 Art Gallery

“There must be something in the name,” I thought,

It was Kari Zelson Robertson, the foun. der of Fibonacci 321 Art Gallery, who gave me the answer.  The name is in honour of the work and resulting ideas of Leonardo Fibonacci… “Today, Fibonacci is known to be a math concept, a ratio, a design. It is found in art, nature, even, some claim, the stock market.  Essentially, the idea is that there’s a natural order and beauty that pervades the world…  and 321, our address, is a reverse Fibonacci number, so it seems to fit.”

Rather than trying to remember the name, I just refer to the newest gallery in Clayton at 321 James Street in the familiar white and blue house, which is almost linked to the Thousand Islands Arts Center  and I recommend a visit!

In fact, one does not need to go inside to start the excursion, as  many days and evenings, artists and craftsmen can be found  outside on the sidewalk demonstrating their talents – throwing pots, drawing and painting.

Managing the enterprise is a joint effort, with each artist playing a role and sharing in running the gallery. Examples include: Kari Zelson Robertson, looking after the treasury, while Dave Ciechanowski looks after inventory. Mary Knapp is the wordsmith and Suzan McDermott creates the graphics. Also Claudia Loomis arranges events, while Greg Lago arranges displays and Ginny Hovendon creates the work schedule.

Since the opening in May, the gallery has seen a steady flow of interested patrons, resulting in the displays changing often, with new works replacing those purchased and off to a new home. 

So please do visit.  Come and meet some of the area’s most well known artists – those working in wood, metal, clay, paint, drawing, glass and printmaking are represented.   

Dave Ciechanowski loves to throw bottles on the potter's wheel, and lately he has been hand-building some wonderful forms, and carving beautiful surface patterns.
Brian Lister was out front of the gallery painting ART IN MOTION. Many stopped to say Hi!
Printmaker and sculpturer Greg Lego, demonstrates his work

2016 Artist include:

  • Peter Curtis-Furniture,
  • Dave Ciechanowski-Clay
  • Brian Lister-Paint
  • Mary Knapp-Quilts
  • Art of Fire-Glass
  • Ginny Hovendon-Painting/Drawing
  • Gina Wells-Metal Sculpture & Jewelry
  • Greg Lago-Printmaking/Sculpture
  • Claudia Loomis-Jewelry/Textiles/Baskets
  • Suzan McDermott-Photography
  • and Kari Zelson Robertson-Clay

Be sure to like their Facebook, to keep up-to-date on who is on duty and special happenings.

Facebook: Fibonacci 321 Art Gallery

By Susan W. Smith, Editor TI Life,

  • Welcome fibonacci

    Welcome fibonacci

  • Foster Holcombe

    Foster Holcombe

  • Susan McDermott

    Susan McDermott

  • Brian Lister

    Brian Lister

  • Ginny Hoverndon

    Ginny Hoverndon

  • Mary Knapp

    Mary Knapp

  • Greg Lago

    Greg Lago

  • Kari Zelson Robertson

    Kari Zelson Robertson

  • Claudia Loomis

    Claudia Loomis

  • Dave Ciechanowski

    Dave Ciechanowski

  • Peter Curtis

    Peter Curtis

  • Gina Wells

    Gina Wells


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