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2016 Photo Contest Next Ten….

We continue our 2016 Photo Contest in this issue. . .

Ian Coristine summed up his difficulty in choosing our winners this year:


You’d be amazed by how difficult judging a contest like this is. I’m immediately forced to reject images, but that’s very difficult to do when there are so many good ones. It’s exactly what I suffer through whenever making the selection for a book, because not all can make the cut. As in previous years, Susie gathers all the images (81 this year) and forwards them to me blind, without any indication of who took them. 

It’s always a treat to see the variety of scenes, all with a clear common thread - a passion for the River. These days, with the proliferation of cameras, more magic moments are being captured because so many always have some type of camera handy. Also, with ever more sophisticated equipment and software, there are more low light and night images, which are often compelling, though trickier to capture. All in all, a wide and wonderful variety and as always it is a privilege to see the River through your eyes. Thank you.”

He went on to say that he chose 10 more images to highlight and told this editor. “ We must share these images too.” 

“We are all proud of this beautiful area we share, but we should also be proud to have amongst us, so many outstanding photographers, who dedicate their time and effort to capturing its beauty. Thank you all for having shared your talents with the 1000 Islands community.

He chose the following:  Andrew Kane (01)  Alan Bickerton (04) , Amanda DesJardins (08), Howard Hart (11), Chris M. Piering (24), Duncan Rawlinson (25), Andrew Kane (42), Andrew Kane (56), Autumn Kirker (61), and Doug Tulloch ( 69).

1 2016
“Round Island at Sunrise”
# 01
Andrew Kane
Photo by Andrew Kane ©2016
04 2014
“Gray’s Creek and Love”
# 04
Alan Bickerton
Photo by Alan Bickerton  ©2016

08 2016

"Foggy Freighter"

# 08
Amanda DesJardins

Photo by Amanda DesJardins©2016
11 2016

“’M/V Garganey’ anchored off Carlton Island in a storm”

# 11
Howard J. Hart

Photo by Howard J. Hart  ©2016

“Loon’s Water Drop”
Chris M. Piering
Photo by Chris M. Piering ©2016

 "Fireflies And Lightning”
Duncan Rawlinson

Photo by Duncan  Rawlinson ©2016
42 2016
"Into The Sunrise"
# 42
Andrew Kane
Photo by Andrew Kane ©2016
56 2016
“Winter Blue”
# 56
Andrew Kane
Photo by Andrew Kane ©2016

61 2016

"Adventure Awaits."

# 61
Autumn Kirker

Photo by Autumn Kirker ©2016
69 2016
“Hang Ten”
# 69
Douglas Tulloch
Photo by Doug Tulloch ©2016

By Ian Coristine

Editor’s Note: I can say with confidence, on behalf of all TI Life readers, we agree whole heartedly with Ian’s appreciation to everyone for participating. There is no better way to “put a thousand islands in your life” than through the lens of a camera and the photographers eye.  I thank you all most sincerely.

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Jody Reynolds
Comment by: Jody Reynolds
Left at: 7:57 AM Monday, January 16, 2017

These are wonderful photos ...each outstanding .... what a difficult choice because each is different in subject and technique, yet all show the essence of the River.

Jack Woodward
Comment by: Jack Woodward
Left at: 11:21 AM Monday, January 16, 2017
Truly spectacular captures by some talented camera people! Thanks for the contest and if these are the winners please share many more of the submittals. You must have so many memorable shots. Cheers and thanks to all for capturing our beloved Thousand Islands!