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Did You Know? (1000 Islands Facts)

Editor’s Note:  Robert Matthew, from Fishers Landing, NY, suggested we create a Did You Know? section, for items too short for a full length article? “It might appeal,” he wrote, “to people who are reluctant to write an article, but have Thousand Islands information they would like to share.”


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1. Master’s Golf Tournament

By Robert Matthews, Fishers Landing, NY

Did you know that ca. 1900, the Frontenac Hotel on Round Island and the Hotel Bon Air in Augusta, Georgia were both managed by C. G. Trussell? My guess is that he managed the Frontenac during the summer and when it closed he moved during the winter months to Augusta to manage the Hotel Bon Air. The people of wealth probably followed Trussell, from one hotel to the other. Life was good.

Both hotels had golf courses. The Bon Air Golf Club became the Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters Tournament1. In 1934 tournament golf began in Augusta and in 1939 the tournament was renamed “The Masters.” The Frontenac Hotel burned to the ground in 1912.

1 Round Island Frontenac ca 1900
Frontenac Golf Course
Hotel Bon Air

1. Note:

References: Photographs appearing in Thousand Islands pamphlets, 1891.  Courtesy R & P Matthews family collection


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