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Oh Old Barn, by Misty Yarnall

Barn Christy Yarnell

Oh Old Barn
how much time is left
to sit on pail bottoms
and chat?

How many more directions
will begin with the words—
the house with the beat up,
red barn in the back?

I’ve watched my whole life
as your beams overhead caved,
and your rock foundation gave way,
and your creaking walls bent in.

Oh Old Barn,
You’ve withstood nesting birds on your planks,
nibbling mice in your grain pails,
and cattle romping through your fences.

How many more winters
will the snow blow through your walls
and cover the floorboards
and freeze the water pipes?

As you grow feeble,
our baby calves ease off their milk,
the barn cats come back with their mice,
and the children develop responsibility.

Oh Old Barn,
just as you’ve weathered over the years,
my memories of you will fade,
but I will always find stable comfort in your unstable walls.

By Misty Yarnall

Misty Yarnall is a creative writer from Chaumont, New York. She primarily enjoys writing dystopian fiction, but has won 14 awards for her poems and flash fiction. She is a new member of the Poets, Writers, INK in Cape Vincent.

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Tom St. Louis
Comment by: Tom St. Louis
Left at: 2:06 AM Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Growing up with an "Old Barn" to work in most of my life, I fully understand what is being said here. Thank you Misty for the memories you've rekindled!
Julie Amell
Comment by: Julie Amell
Left at: 9:26 AM Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Awesome... Love it!!!
marilyn neulieb
Comment by: marilyn neulieb
Left at: 12:10 PM Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Dear Misty,
Such a nice piece of poetry. Nostalgic.
Cinda Findlan
Comment by: Cinda Findlan
Left at: 3:41 PM Wednesday, May 31, 2017
As a new resident of the "north country" I've observed the numerous tumbling barns on many rural roads. I enjoyed reading Misty's tribute to the vintage history. Great painting as well.