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A Celebration of Shallow, by Clarissa Rogers

Think bare feet, summer mudpuddle giddy splash.

Think horizonward wading,

Punctuated by perfect-pebble, smooth-shell treasure stooping.57 2016

Soft sand beach butterfly-kissing shore, on an almost imperceptible slope.

Wet toes digging into wave-carved hieroglyphics.

Squishy-sneaker hikes in hip-high creeks, with

Explorations of leaf-scented, sun-slanted, pine-green wonder.

Dangling bare feet, watching ubiquitous leaf in fast-current bubbles.

The sound of waves and scent of sun-warmed boulder.

Plastic boat on soggy string, in St. Lawrence Seaway shallows and

Waist-high giggle wading, following inevitable string drop,

City-fountain splash of urban August.

Springtime gentle planting, in watering-can tickled holes.

When roots lie just below the surface.

The safest, quickest-freezing ice.

Scrambling along the shoreline, rock by rock.

Standing shivering, mist-soaked and roar-deafened, behind the waterfall.

Supported by sand bar’s trickster magic,

Illusorily wave, grinning miles from rocky shore.



By Clarissa Diane Rogers, ©2017

Clarissa Diane Rogers, a member of Cape Vincent's Poet & Writers, Ink has a MA in Transformative Language Arts. She loves to support other writers through editing, coaching and workshops.  She believes that writing is a tool for liberating our minds and healing our communities and can take us on a wacky adventure full of joy and fun, even in a world that routinely breaks our hearts.

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