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Summer’s Here! Island Life Magazine 2018

It’s official. Summer has arrived in the 1000 Islands and soon so will Island Life. The new issue of Island Life Magazine will be available in eastern Ontario and northern New York, late May as an insert in “The Recorder and Times” and “Thousand Islands Sun”, to select subscribers and participating advertisers including tourism bureaus, businesses and attractions in the 1000 Islands region.

Summer 2018 Issue

Island Life Magazine is the premier 1000 Islands print magazine owned by publisher Kim Lunman, a photographer and award-winning writer based in her native Brockville ‘City of the 1000 Islands.’

This year’s cover features an aerial photograph, taken by Lunman of Sunken Rock Island lighthouse, near Alexandria Bay N.Y. The issue features an article about historic 1000 Islands lighthouses, as well as photographs and stories about the area’s famous castles and cottages, boating, and, of course, its actual 1,864 islands.

This year’s Island Life spotlights Clayton and its surrounding islands, also Towers and Thwartway Islands near Gananoque. Chimney Island near Mallorytown and the Brock Isles to name a few. Every island tells a story. Some islands tell many.

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Island Life Magazine is an annual glossy magazine distributed in newspapers to 25,000 select households in the Thousand Islands in northern New York and eastern Ontario each May. Island Life Magazine 2018. In addition to our regular distribution, we offer a limited number of copies available for purchase of the 2018 issue and past issues, including handling and shipping costs in Canada and the U.S.

Kim Lunman

Island Life Magazine owner/publisher Kim Lunman
Photo by Joseph T. Meirose IV

By Kim Lunman, Owner and Publisher, Thousand Islands Ink

Kim Lunman is the owner/publisher of Island Life Magazine  A profile of the past five years was published in our November 2013 issue of TI Life.  Her company, Thousand Islands Ink, is based in Brockville. Lunman is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in the Boat U.S. Magazine, Lakeland Boating, Reader's Digest, Globe and Mail, and The National Post.

To see all of Kim Lunman’s TI Life articles, click here, and to read a more complete biography see our Aboutpage.

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