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An Island Ghost Hunt

In 1984 there were three famous men best known for fighting evil spirits which had taken New York City by storm. They took to the streets in a fancy white car complete with sirens and flashing lights and carried equipment designed to inhale ghostly spirits from the sky. Those men, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler, were better known as the Ghostbusters. Some twenty five years later, their concept lives on and most recently right here in the heart of the Thousand Islands.

Ghost Hunters

Photo courtesy Syfy/NBC Universal © 2009
The TAPS team (from left to right) featuring Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, Kris Williams, Amy Bruni, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

In late June, the newest celebrities on the ghost scene rolled into Alexandria Bay in their black vans with bright yellow script spelling out TAPS (also known as The Atlantic Paranormal Society). The members of the number one ranked Syfy Channel TV series Ghost Hunters were in town to explore a well known island which had reports of ghost-like activity.

The home was said to be one of the largest built island homes of the early 1900s. After a number of owners, including a religious group, the home landed in the hands of a family looking to seek out answers regarding some of the happenings they had encountered during their many summer stays there. That opportunity would come when producers for the hit show would select Isle of Pines, located just off the shore of Fishers Landing between Clayton and Alexandria Bay, New York, as a finalist in the 2008 Great American Ghost Hunt. Danielle Parody would share the story that so many had yet to hear during the live broadcast of Ghost Hunters on Halloween night, October 31, 2008. Once the stories of the three selected finalists were told, the fans had a chance to determine the winner. Over 50,000 votes were cast among the three finalists and it was determined that Isle of Pines and Parody was the winner of a special visit from the cast and crew of the show. “Thank you. That’s awesome, we’ll be glad to have you,” Parody told Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of TAPS, after being told her location was selected on live television.

Nearly eight months after the announcement, the time had come for the ghost hunt to occur.

The celebrities of the TAPS. team, including Hawes, Wilson, Kris Williams, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and Amy Bruni, would arrive as the tourists cleared out of town after a summer weekend and they would quietly set up shop at the Edgewood Resort.

“We were asked to keep it (the cast and crew’s stay) quiet” said Janine Ridley, operator of Edgewood Resort. “That’s usually common practice with these situations.”

In addition to the cast and production crew that bunked up in approximately seven hotel rooms, they were joined by another celebrity ghost hunter, one with no ghost hunting experience, but rather for being best known as a bat out of hell. Popular music rocker Meat Loaf had also checked into the resort and was preparing for a haunting time in the Islands. Meat Loaf is a self-proclaimed Ghost Hunters fanatic and it was rumored that his wife had recently purchased Ghost Hunters apparel for him for Christmas.

The team had been told that Meat Loaf would likely be joining them, but they didn’t believe it until he arrived. “We didn’t think it was real until he was actually in front of us. He gave each of us cast members a big hug, that was the highlight of my year.” Bruni, the newest cast member, joyfully shared via telephone from a location in Georgia where the team was filming a hunt in late August. Her mother was a huge fan of the once heavy-set musician and Bruni figured she should take advantage of the superstar being in front of her and managed to wrangle up an autographed photograph to bring home.

When the exchanges of hello and how-are-you’s were over it was time for the team to get to work. Equipment and camera gear would be transported from the resort to the parking lot of Foxy’s Restaurant at Fishers Landing where they would then unload and board a boat in order to make the trek over to the island.

After spending the afternoon setting up their gear, the sun would begin to set just after 9 p.m. and the hunt would begin. The ghost activity that was reported was not that of green slimy ghosts or oversized walking marshmallows, like they portray in the movies. “There were reports that people were hearing ballroom style music, it’s not coming from Foxy’s Restaurant (which is just a short distance away), it’s just unexplained music,” according to Town of Clayton historian Norm Wagner. The music was being heard in the ballroom of the large white mansion.

Parody had explained during the Halloween episode that she once slept in a bedroom and awoke to a girl standing at the foot of the bed. The figure then ran toward the wall near the head of the bed and disappeared. Between that claim and the reports of music, there was plenty to search for and Bruni was enthralled with that.

“It was probably one of the most memorable hunts I have been on,” Bruni said. “I didn’t think it was a scary place though.”

Scary to her and her fellow ghost enthusiasts perhaps not, but there were a couple of incidents she encountered, much like the family that resides there now. “I can’t say much since the show hasn’t aired, but I would say the boathouse and living room had some experiences. Kris and I both shared some.” Williams and Bruni have become close friends both on the show and off the air. During most hunts they spend time together in the dark waiting for these so-called experiences to occur. “You’ll just have to watch,” she teased after not leading on to what exactly those experiences were.

One experience that could be discussed was that of common nature to most folks along the river, spiders. They spin their webs in the middle of the night only for you to wake up the next morning and walk face first through them. One Ghost Hunter who has a fear of spiders is Steve Gonsalves. On the show he is seen running from time to time away from webs and eight-legged creatures and the same could be said while shooting at the Isle of Pines. “It’s terrible of us because we know he is terrified,” said Bruni in relation to the cast members pointing out every large creepy crawler found the night of the hunt to the weak stomached Gonsalves.

While in the region however the cast and Meat Loaf were not always stuck sitting in the dark listening for noises or ducking spider webs. There was time to play too.


Bruni, 33, of Placerville, California, located between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, claimed that she felt as if she was on vacation while working the hunt. “It didn’t feel like work, but don’t tell anyone that,” she explained. “It (the region) reminded me a lot of Lake Tahoe.”

When it was overheard that Meat Loaf wanted to go for a boat tour, but hoped to avoid the crowds, Edgewood Resort employee Marie Denman spoke up and offered time on her and her husband’s boat. “Meat Loaf didn’t want to go on the tour ride, so we took them out.” Two hours were spent on the St. Lawrence as the Denmans showed off the many highlights of the area. “We took them to the Canadian side, the typical sight seeing points, homes, Boldt Castle,” Marie stated. “They were interested in the homes that were for sale and Meat Loaf got a big thrill out of the bridge.”


It wasn’t easy to dodge everyone however in the small towns of Clayton and Alexandria Bay. “At one point there was a photographer following us around, paparazzi I guess for some local web site,” Bruni mentioned in regards to being recognized while in the area. “It was kinda funny.”

And as they roamed the water or strolled down the streets folks were quick to notice, but never went as far as being a bother.

One local store owner had the chance to meet up with some of the cast as others sat next door at the Thousand Islands Museum chatting with historian Wagner for a segment on the show.

"The TAPS vans rolled into Clayton and parked right in front of the store,” said Heather Gazdik, owner of Freighters of Clayton. “A few of them wandered into the store while they were waiting for the rest of the crew to finish up. They were great guys and girls!"

The Ghost Hunters visit to the Thousand Islands was an experience for everyone. From the cast and crew enjoying the scenery and excitement of the hunt, to locals being able to watch the process of the show coming to life and to the area businesses that benefited from their stay.

If you want to really know what was experienced by the team however, you will have to be sure to look for the episode featuring Isle of Pines, and creatively named “Bat Out of Hell” in reference to Meat Loaf’s appearance, on Wednesday, September 30 on the SyFy Channel at 9 p.m. EST.

By Michael Folsom, The Ship Watcher

Michael Folsom  is a regular contributor to TI Life.  He the the Owner/Blog Writer  of the The Ship Watcher.  His signature states:  “Proud to be a Contributing Writer for Thousand Islands Sun &”  You can visit him on the web at: at  This is your source for ship watching info on the St. Lawrence.  You can also follow the ships and Michael at at  Michael is also an accomplished photographer.  One of his photographs, with geese and the Seaway is the cover photo on the September 9th edition of the Thousand Island Sun Vacationer.

Mike has created a countdown clock until Ghost Hunters come on air.  Be sure to check it out at The Ship Watcher

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Comment by: Heather ( )
Left at: 6:41 AM Tuesday, September 15, 2009
This is so cool! I am a big fan of the TAPS crew and Ghost Hunters, so I'm really excited to see this show!
Comment by: lori ( )
Left at: 10:32 AM Tuesday, September 15, 2009
great I keep hearing about this show a friend of mine who lives in on the island of Numea in the south pacific watches it and turned me on to it, he told me one of the drew is from my town, Canandaigua ny ! love it,,,love the River and miss it already, got to spend lots of time there this summer tho!
Chris and Tammy Fox
Comment by: Chris and Tammy Fox ( )
Left at: 5:05 PM Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Spent many of nights on the Island and can't wait to see if they had some of the same experencies that we had!! We'll be watching for sure.
Joseph DeMeis
Comment by: Joseph DeMeis ( )
Left at: 8:26 PM Wednesday, September 16, 2009
The unnamed photographer was from the web site. Johnny does a great job with the site promoting Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands. Also Janine from the Edgewood is one of the truely great people that my wife and I have met in Alexandria Bay. We always stay at the Edgewood when we visit and are treated like family by Janine and her outstanding staff there. If you have not stayed at the Edgewood I highly recommend it.
Paul S.
Comment by: Paul S. ( )
Left at: 8:43 AM Monday, September 21, 2009
Wow that is soo cool, I'm an avid watcher of the show. My family owns the island (Wee Isle) just across the way, we were just there for labor day. I wish i could have been there when Jason, Grant and the crew were in town.
fran w
Comment by: fran w ( )
Left at: 10:07 PM Wednesday, September 30, 2009
seeing this paricular show was sooo wierd! i've dreamt of this house several times scattered over years throughout my life. the outside of the house, the details of the fireplace, the boat-house, even the bathroom. i actually got chills and froze in shock staring at the tv having flashes from my childhood dreams. then to see that is in new york too...that blew my mind.
Mare DeMott
Comment by: Mare DeMott ( )
Left at: 12:02 AM Thursday, October 1, 2009
I just saw the show, a beautiful but extremely scary place. Why does the place have so many spiders? Does someone actually live there? What a great show and I want to know how did that water move? I hope that Ghost Hunters goes back in the near future for another look at the place.
Comment by: Tara ( )
Left at: 7:53 PM Thursday, October 15, 2009
Being a big fan of TAPS i was so excited to see they were visting my favorite place in the whole world the 1000 islands. It was great however, Steve call the St. Lawrence River and big lake...i guess i will let that slide it was a great episode, when i get up there next summer it will be cool just to fly by in the boat for the sheer fact that TAPS came up with so much.
Comment by: Cody ( )
Left at: 3:14 PM Tuesday, November 3, 2009
You folks might be interested in a book I just read. Ghosts of the 1000 Islands (Quixote Press). It has stories about strange encounters on a number of the islands. Apparently that region is really haunted!
Comment by: April ( )
Left at: 3:34 PM Sunday, February 7, 2010
I happenstanced on this today and had to record it. There is such a rich history of the Thousands Islands area that few learn. It deserves its hauntings.
Comment by: Patricia ( )
Left at: 11:04 PM Wednesday, September 8, 2010
This was a GREAT episode! I enjoyed watching the guest investigator (Meat Loaf) interact so naturally with the TAPS crew and the paranormal beings. Really fun to watch and this episode motivated me to do a little research on the 1,0000 Islands. Fascinating. I hope Meat Loaf returns. He's a natural.
Juls Twombley
Comment by: Juls Twombley ( )
Left at: 8:14 PM Wednesday, October 26, 2011
We just watched the episode re-aired tonight and all I can say is "awesome" the interaction between the preacher and Meatloaf was too cool. I like a group of investigatiors who try to disprove and "debunk" the events told to them versus being gung ho to say everything including the dust and spiders are paranormal - good job!
Eugene Clement
Comment by: Eugene Clement ( )
Left at: 10:09 PM Monday, June 24, 2013
Thousad Islands is rich in history so I wan't surprised to hear that TAPS was in town investigated paranormal activity. I've been staying at the Edgewood Resort across from the Pines mansion for the past dozen years. Edgewood is such an awesome resort . Janine isn't afraid to put money back into her resort, unlike most other resorts. Great views and a sprawling resort! Great host too!
Comment by: maddie
Left at: 7:16 PM Thursday, July 23, 2015
wheres the isle of pines house i just watched the episode