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Jennifer J. Brundage “I Love That Place”

I love that place.

The way that the dock can stretch for miles upon miles

Until you reach the white capped river crashing against it.

The steady search for the prettiest sea stone

For which I am the only one who understood its value.

The endless attempts at reaching Far Away Island

But only reaching it in my dreams.

The safety of Blue Dock

Marking off the dark and perilous waters past it.

The monster that comes out under the dock

Who stole little children at night.

The unmarked sounds carried by the water

After the sky explodes into ribbons of color.

I love that place.

My long stretch of riverfront

Home to Big Rock and the Red Sea.

Fearing the gargoyles on Cherry Island.

Cause everybody knows they come alive at night.

The flowing mast of Captain Bill Johnston’s pirate ship

Only appearing in the river once every year.


I loved that place.


As I grow older, the dock withers away

Until only a few short steps separates land and sea.

The piles of stashed away pebbles get lost in the corners of my mind

And are strewn about the waterbed awaiting their next discovery.

Far Away Island becomes closer and closer as each summer passes

Until it is solely, Dingman Shoal.

Blue Dock is slowly swallowed into the hazy water below.

A marking that was once clear now shares the same fate.

The monster disappears from its prior resting place

And now only exists in my memories.

The eerie sounds that once belonged to no one

Is now the calming lullaby of the Loon.

My riverfront, formally home to Big Rock and the Red Sea

Has faded only leaving an unnamed boulder and patches of sea grass.

I often pass by Cherry Island to see the gargoyles

Now understanding that they were nothing more than a warning to wayward ships.

I still see Captain Bill Johnston and his crew.

Only to find he lived not 200 years ago, but two houses down from me.

Although the naive magic has vanished

And the adventures have come to the final chapter.

Nothing will ever change.

I loved that place.

And always will.


by Jennifer Brundage

Jennifer’s poem came to us via Buck Brundage, her father.  Jennifer’s Great Grandfather lived in Armonk New York and built one of the first cottages on Dingman Point.  Jennifer and her brother Eric are fourth generation "River Rats".  Jennifer is a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston.  She wrote this poem as an English project, when she was a junior in High School.  Buck wrote:  “I thought you and your readers might enjoy it.  Like so many, the River is our life and the years are measured by the time we spend there”.

Photographs:  Sunset, Cottage View and Brundage Cottage: courtesy of Buck Brundage. Loon: photo by Ian Coristine ©

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Dennis Snow
Comment by: Dennis Snow ( )
Left at: 1:35 PM Tuesday, November 17, 2009
As an extended member of the Brundage’s “River Rat” family, who rents their beautiful river home with my family each year, I can only echo Jennifer’s wonderful feelings that she has expressed so well. I first visited the islands with my parents back in the early 1960s and have grown to experience the same wonderful memories. Well done Jennifer you have captured the warmth and delight of what I have considered some of the best days of my life.
Thomas Brundage
Comment by: Thomas Brundage ( )
Left at: 5:24 AM Friday, January 1, 2010
My great-grandfather was the blacksmith for Armonk, and worked in that cottage. He built many of the houses on Brundage Lane. His name was Thomas W. Brundage, and I am his great-grandson, Thomas W. Brundage IV.

Thank you for the poem. My family visited Armonk almost a decade ago, and now 2010 finds me returning to the root of our American heritage.

Happy 2010, and many good tidings!
Catherine Maslowski
Comment by: Catherine Maslowski ( )
Left at: 12:53 PM Friday, September 3, 2010
My great grandmother's name was Alma Brundage and she married John Matthews. She also had a brother Ellsworth Brundage that lived in Tarrytown. I am looking for some family history and was told that side of my family goes back to the Am. Revolution. Can any one of you shed some light on my ancestry. My daughter, who lives in Philadelphia, just attended a wedding in the Tarrytown area and we have started searching our family's past. My mother, who is 95, has tried to remember some of the stories. Would appreciate any leads. C.
Gerard & Priscilla La Croix
Comment by: Gerard & Priscilla La Croix ( )
Left at: 3:32 PM Thursday, February 17, 2011
Both of us and our family have fond memories of Dingman Point. We both worked at General Precision Laboratories in Pleasantville, NY, with Arthur Brundage who at the time was in charge of arranging road shows exhibiting our products. We began many summer vacations at Dingman Point commencing in 1966 and continuing up through the 80's. At that time, the porch was screened in and hosted all our meals. Experiencing all the varied River traffic was a delightful experience. Spent many wonderful hours cruising up the American Channel and back down the Canadian Channel. Enjoyed circling the varied freighters from all over the world and waving to the crews. Loved to travel to Alley's Family Style Eatery on one of the Canadian Islands; only accessible by boat. It was finally demolished and is now part of the Canadian Park System. Art lived in Pleasantville and had a son who lived in Brewster, NY. He always told us that his family used to spend vacations at a campground on the Point and when it was to be closed, former campers had the opportunity to purchase parcels, thus the cabin. Drinking water was obtained at a spring on Route 11 although shower & washing water was pumped up from the river. Those vacations will be cherished forever by all. By the way, $125 for a week included the cabin plus a 19 foot outboard which was located down the steep steps to the dock. Would love to hear from family members. Gerard (Rod) & Priscilla La Croix, Hudson Falls, NY, formerly from Briarcliff Manor, NY.