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Captain Davis Recalls the Ships


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Sally L`Huillier
Comment by: Sally L`Huillier ( )
Left at: 10:28 AM Wednesday, December 16, 2009
I thought it was a very interesting article. My family has always loved the River, and the boats and freighters, and my son absolutely loved all the ships. He could always tell what ship was coming, when he would hear the engines. This article has a lot of important history in it, and I enjoyed it very much.
Comment by: M.B.Farhat ( )
Left at: 7:53 PM Wednesday, December 16, 2009
I used to watch the freighters go by on the St. Lawrence, when I spent summer vacations near Cape Vincent and across from Wolfe Is. That was way back in the 1940's. I was unaware then of the canal system in Canada, and I liked this article with its combination of information andN humor.
James J. Lawrence
Comment by: James J. Lawrence ( )
Left at: 4:42 PM Monday, March 14, 2011
My great grandfather Francis Lawrence sailed on the India and was lost at sea off the Poirt of Goderich in November 1901. The India had come across an abandoned ship named the Marine City and took it under tow to approximately 5 miles off the Port of Goderich and laid off the port. During the night a storm came up and the Marine City was cast adrift and resulted in the loss of life of 4 men who had been put aboard it. I understand a naval enquiry was held in Kingston

Also I had 2 great Uncles who sailed on the Great Lakes Charles Lawrence with the Hall Corporation and Captain John Lawrence with the North American Steamship Lines. Also a Cousin John Lawrence who sailed on the Great Lakes. His 2 sons are also sailors.

It is an honor to have members of our family associated with the marine history of the Great Lakes

James J. Lawrence
Bob Lawler
Comment by: Bob Lawler ( )
Left at: 11:36 AM Thursday, March 24, 2011
My father was a ship captain on the great lakes. Got his start with Keystone shipping in Kingston. You were right as kid I never saw my father from middle of March until Christmas--in reality rasied by my mother. For my father; although he complained alot, it was a way of life. You could see him get antsy in March to get back to sailing. In April if you went into the wheelhouse, you could see where the men were marking the days of the calender to the end of the season. Your articile brought back many memories, as a kid, I spent my summers on the ships going through the old canal system, before the seaway

Bob Lawler
Joan Russell
Comment by: Joan Russell ( )
Left at: 5:14 PM Wednesday, July 4, 2012
So happy to be able to read about the maritime tradition that drew so many of the young men - my great uncles, for instance - of Wolfe Island. Without these personal narratives the maritime story would be incomplete. Thank you Brian! Thank you Leath. And thank you Leath for giving me the names that first unlocked my Davis ancestry!
David Blakely
Comment by: David Blakely
Left at: 10:57 AM Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Almost 30 years since I worked with Capt Davis at Halco and would appreciate getting his contact details. Great piece.

Dian Roberts
Comment by: Dian Roberts
Left at: 10:09 AM Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My father Reginald Roberts sailed on the Hudson Transport and then was transferred onto the Chemical Transport.The guys and family members would call him in short (Reggie, Reg, or Red) my dad had red hair.

My father died in September, 1999

Because of different family reasons, I have kept my father's ashes with me hoping for one day to find a commercial oil tanker model ship painted black & white like the Chemical Transport to put my Dads ashes in.

Would you have any suggestions in helping find this, and how much would this Wishful thinking of mine, cost ?