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Steve Adams’ Henderson Harbor

Steve Adams’ Henderson Harbor

Exhausted from the endless haul, our car so hot and sticky.

The floor awash with cups and bags, I guess we’re not too picky.

The sight that I’ve been waiting for, my misery now in the past.

I see between the parting trees, the memories come so fast.

The sight I see is Henderson, oh harbor of my heart.


The lake is there, now beckoning, I can’t wait to depart.

Running down the path I go, I hear them call my name.

My anxious feet drive me on, GET BACK HERE! All proclaim!

Keep on going, their voices fade, I’m almost at the shore.

My dreams fulfilled the boat is there, the lake I so adore.


First day done I’m in my bed, I’ll never get to sleep.

I hear the waves, they do the trick, I never hear a peep.

My days are filled with hooks and scales, my shoulders start to peel.

A simple life of anchor lines, don’t ask to take the wheel.

The week now past how can it be, it seems like yesterday.


The boat returned, we pack again, I plead with them to stay.

There is no place like these Islands, a thousand ways the same.

A memory for another year, their beauty is their fame!


By Steven Adams

Steve Adams originally started writing Poetry for his wife for Valentine’s Day. Thirty poems later, here he is. He says he “came to appreciate a poem for its ability to say, in just a few words, what a book would require a chapter to explain”.   He has  visited the Thousand Islands almost every summer for 45 years.

“My personal and professional background combines to create a frame of reference, which has consequently enabled me to imagine and write poems with a diverse perspective. In spite of a difficult and strenuous childhood, I was blessed with a sense of courage and strong instinct to survive. From buying my first of four homes at age 19 and being gainfully employed since 1970, I have always been endowed with significant accolades for all of my endeavors, which include skills and accomplishments in culinary, supervisory, training, consulting, facility management, and even being a school bus driver. I have also been married for 33 years and have enjoyed raising two fine daughters. All together, I’d call that success!”

Photograph of Henderson Harbor is from and adapted to a pen and ink illustration by "fotosketch" (
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Comment by: Diane ( )
Left at: 12:47 AM Friday, March 25, 2011
Just how Henderson Harbor used to feel. Great poem…takes me back.