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Review by Judy & Chas Cochand - A Magic Carpet...

It has been our great pleasure to review Ian Coristine’s newest book for the iPad, One in a Thousand. It is an exciting cross between a magic carpet and ‘soulsease’.

There is something about the opening sequence with Ian’s voice in the air, as the quiet calm just launches you into all the glory Ian has found and portrayed in the Thousand Islands.

It is enormously fun to go with Ian on his life’s journey, across the skies and the refurbishment of Raleigh. It has been a flight of many discoveries, fascinating and beguiling, from the thousands of crunchy carapaces on the floor of the abandoned cottage he bought, to Half Moon Bay and Gus. I loved the mingling of history and money and eccentricity that so distinguishes the area and Ian’s search for the true ‘spirit of the river.’ It’s a tale full of adventure, shipwrecks, castles and excitement and danger. There is variety as you drift through the story with pictures and video clips, music and Ian reading the first page of each chapter.

It doesn’t take much perusing to know you want to fly like Ian does. It’s a learning journey as well, with all the challenges that entails. It’s more than a bit of a roller coaster ride.  

The story grabs you but the photos take your breath away!  They are the stars of this app and wonderfully mingled with the story. The technology allows you to examine the pictures individually or swap to galleries as you move through the story. The use of light and composition is so skilled that each one invites you in to share in the beauty of the Islands. The photo of the loon with its chick is a personal favourite but the Lost Channel and other pictures of misty mornings make me want to be there drinking in the stunning landscape of the region. There is the marriage with the music from the wonderful Great Lake Swimmers, who set the mood as you move through the story.  You can also listen to each track individually.


This beautiful app is already wrapped and gorgeous for you to open and discover and love. We recommend this treasure to you.

By Judy & Chas Cochand, Brook Farm, Blissford nr. F'bridge, Hampshire U.K. 

Chas Cochand was born in Montreal and raised in the Laurentians at his family's ski resort Chalet Cochand. At 14 he went off to school in Switzerland but returned to the University of Western Ontario in London, ON for a degree in English & History. He attended the Inns of Court School of Law, London UK,  and was called to the Bar by Middle Temple in 1978 and has been practicing criminal law in England ever since. He lives with his wife Judy and three adult sons in the New Forest, Hampshire U.K., but comes home every summer for a month at Judy's family cottage on Lake Simcoe.

Chas wrote Charlie and The Magedoma… Romance and Tragedy on the River for TI Life in August 2011.


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