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Review by - The River Meets The iPad

As I'm sure many of you know, Ian Coristine has been taking pictures of the 1000 Islands and publishing books for some time now. For his 6th book, titled One in a Thousand, he decided to create an interactive eBook designed specifically for the iPad. I was lucky enough to get to review an advance copy before the launch date. I had been searching iTunes religiously for months looking for the app so this request was a welcome surprise.


This app is designed for any version of the iPad, but if you have an iPad3 with the new retina display you're really in for a treat I believe as the images and text in the eBook support the full resolution display.  That being said, I only had an iPad2 to test the eBook on, everything still looked pretty amazing on the iPad2. 

The pictures are amazing; Ian's stories compelling; the videos are gorgeous; and the music phenomenal. Pack that into a nice interface and you've got yourself a ground breaking iPad eBook. 

You navigate around the different chapters/areas by tapping the top area of the screen.  All photos in the eBook can be double tapped which launches them full screen. All photos have a map icon that when tapped brings up a scrollable map of the river shoping where the picture was taken.  That map btw, has what seems to be very accurate labels for every island from Lake Ontario to Brockville. I found that to be one of the coolest features because even though I live here and know the River fairly well, it's hard to keep track of all the island names and locations.

Unlike his previous efforts Ian did not work on his project alone. Donna Walsh Inglehart helped him write the book, the Great Lake Swimmers helped with the music, a software outfit called the McLellan Group worked on the iPad development, and I'm sure a ton of others were involved as well. All the hard work shows, and as I said earlier, everyone with an iPad should pick this up at the iTunes store.  It costs $8.99. 

As an.NET software developer and 1000 Islands content producer myself, I hope to one day release an app too.  Ian and his team have however set the bar pretty high.  My hat is off to them   Plus who am I kidding... I'll never have the time!

By Johnny Truesdell’s, 



The site celebrating 16 years of service to the community, includes a sister site,, which began providing unique web shots in 2007. gets 5000-10,000 unique visitors, daily, depending on the content. In fact, there is no other site that provides as much rich content about the US Thousand Islands as this site. 

In addition to keeping active,  “Johnny Truesdell” is also the proprietor of Beefers, Breakfast Buffet on State Rt. 12 in Alexandria Bay. He is also well known in the region for the tremendous support he gives to charitable activities. In fact at the same time he was reviewing One in a Thousand he was helping organize a tribute fundraiser for “Friends of Bryan” helping Bryan Tidd’s ongoing battle with Cystic Fibrosis.

Editor's Note: posted this review on their webpage - as well as 11 additional views of the book. 


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