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Sneak Preview… Kim’s “Island Life Magazine”

Kim Lunman, the owner and publisher of Island Life, founded the annual glossy magazine in 2009. The writer and photographer has been a team member of and regular contributor to since 2008. She is an award-winning journalist and former national correspondent for Canada’s Globe and Mail.

Her company, Thousand Islands Ink, prints 25,000 copies of Island Life magazine. They will be distributed in Brockville, Rockport, Gananoque, and Wolfe and Howe Islands through the EMC on Thursday, May 17th.  Readers in the United States will receive their magazine as an insert in the home delivery of Thousand Islands Sun on Wednesday, May 23.

Kim also prints an Islander's Edition of Island Life Magazine being sold at bookstores and tourism attractions on both sides of the border.  It will cost $4.95 and is also available for purchase online at

The photograph of Lone Tree Island on the cover of Island Life was taken by Ian Coristine Kim writes, "The Canadian island used to have only one tree, hence the origins of its name.  There are now two trees on Lone Tree."

On behalf of all of our TI Life Readers, I am pleased to present this photo essay preview of Island Life Magazine 2012.   Be sure to pick up a copy and read features stories on the historic return of the restored steam yacht The Cangarda to Brockville, Paul Island, Wellesley Island, Red Top Island, Temagami Island, Heart Island, Dark Island, Black Duck Island, What If? Island and more…


Black Duck Island

This spectacular photograph of Black Duckling Island at sunset was taken by photographer Andrew B. King of Ann Arbor Michigan for a photo essay on neighbouring Black Duck Island. King's family has owned Black Duck Island in the Admiralty Group near Gananoque since 1894.

Photo by Andrew B. King.


Red Top Island

Red Top Island, located in the Lake Fleet Group near Gananoque, has been in the same family for seven decades. The cottage with the iconic red roof and captain's walk celebrated its 100th anniversary last summer.

Photo by Kim Lunman/Island Life Magazine


Frederic Remington's 'Temple of Rest' - Ingleneuk Island - now Temagami Island.

The artist famous for cowboy sculptures and illustrations of the Wild West found a peaceful retreat in Chippewa Bay at the turn of the last century. The St. Lawrence became the subject of his later impressionist landscapes.

Photo courtesy of the Frederic Remington Art Museum.


Wellesley Island

Home to the preserved gingerbread architecture in idyllic Thousand Island Park, the historic Thousand Islands Country Club and the Boldt Yacht House, Wellesley Island offers visitors a step back in time.

Photo by Kim Lunman/Island Life Magazine


Dark Island's Close Up

Photographer Ian Coristine's illuminating photographs of Dark Island's Singer Castle during the filming of the television reality pilot program The Great Escape last fall are featured in a story about the filming. The magazine also features a story about a new mini-movie on George C. Boldt and the Boldt story playing in a new theatre at Heart Island's Boldt Castle this summer.

Photo by Ian Coristine

Photo from 2012 Island Life Magazine ©

Carleton Island

Carleton Island near Cape Vincent is a lost treasure in the Thousand Islands rich in history with ruins still remaining from Fort Haldimand, controlled by the British during the American Revolution. Some of the largest warships were built here during that time. Long-vacant Carleton Villa was built here in 1894 by William O. Wyckoff, who made his fortune marketing Remington typewriters.

Photo by Select Sotheby's International Realty/Michael R. Franklin


What If? Island

Island Life Magazine owner and publisher Kim Lunman writes about life on this little island called What If? Island located in the International Rift between Hill Island (on the Canadian side) and Wellesley Island, located just 69 feet away in American waters.

Photo by Kim Lunman/Island Life Magazine

By Susan W. Smith, Editor,


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Erika Roberts
Comment by: Erika Roberts ( )
Left at: 8:44 AM Tuesday, May 15, 2012
why is this mag not in the PRESCOTT EMC? thanks
Michael Laprade
Comment by: Michael Laprade ( )
Left at: 1:39 PM Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Bravo Kim for undertaking Island Life and being so committed to writing the many fascinating stories that abound in these waters! Kim can be seen hopping on and off boats throughout the 1,000 Islands in search of the illusive story and is never daunted by distance or adventure! Can hardly wait to open up our cabin and sit down on the dock with another episode...
Bob Kimpton
Comment by: Bob Kimpton ( )
Left at: 7:35 AM Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Kim, keep up the great work. I look forward to your articles every month. Bob.
Bud Andress
Comment by: Bud Andress ( )
Left at: 5:54 PM Friday, May 25, 2012
Kim, love your stories and more so your interest in our lovely 1000 Islands area. Best of luck in all your publications.