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A New Look? Put a Thousand Islands in Your Life!

What’s happening? The December issue of our magazine comes to you with a new look!

Creating each issue requires several steps: sourcing or creating content, posting and formatting it and completing a final edit. When Paul Malo was at the helm, he did all of this himself. Mike Franklin assisted when technical problems arose.

Following Paul's death, the magazine has grown to include several contributors, each needing to post, arrange and edit with their needs all falling on Mike Franklin. It has become a time consuming and unsustainable burden not just for him, but for all of the TI Life team members.

The solution is a new web interface with several new options. A new member of the team, Mike Cox has created a system that allows stories to be posted and edited independently, tremendously streamlining the process. The new format also makes it easier for readers to access material by date or topics such as: people, places or all of historical material originally written by Paul Malo.

We are in the process of rebuilding the entire site within this system, initially posting back issues and then the extensive regional overview, fully updated. We apologize if we do not have all of the material on line and if it is not formatted perfectly for your computer and browser. These problems are being addressed and each week we will have more material posted.


Please keep visiting us between issues to check on the progress.

Special thanks goes to Aerographics Creative Services, who created the look, Mike Cox from Creative Information Solutions for making it work, Kim Lunman’s writing and editing expertise and Ian Coristine’s magical photographs.

As this issue comes online – we are in the midst of the Holiday Season, We wish you a very happy festive holiday and a safe and joyous new year! May we all enjoy having a thousand islands in our life.

Susan W. Smith, Editor

TI Life Team: Ian Coristine, Mike Cox, Mike Franklin, Kim Lunman and Susan Smith

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Elissa Orlando
Comment by: Elissa Orlando ( )
Left at: 12:13 PM Monday, December 15, 2008
Great new Thousand Islands!

The new look is easy to navigate and the articles and photography
are terrific.

I knew Paul a little. He knew my uncle, who worked for years for the
Thousand Island Bridge Authority and the International Council, and
who cultivated my love of the River from the time I was born. I grew
up in Watertown, and my husband and I have a place in Clayton. We're
thrilled to be part of the neighborhood!

Thanks again for the site. It will make the winter seem a little

Comment by: Carolyn ( )
Left at: 8:56 PM Tuesday, December 16, 2008
I really love your magazine and the efforts you have all put into the publication. Paul Malo would be very proud of your dedication. I have received a forward of this magazine several times from friends who have just become aware of TI Life and want to share it. This bodes well for your success. Keep up the wonderful work and traditions of Paul Malo and thank you for your kind and quick response.

Carolyn Kitchen
Roger Urbanski
Comment by: Roger Urbanski ( )
Left at: 7:58 PM Thursday, December 18, 2008
Dear Friends of the Thousand Islands,

My wife Sandra (Palmer) of Watertown and I have lived and loved the Thousand Islands since we first met in Albany long ago. I wonder if there is room in your activities and magazine to extend your reach down to the shores of Lake Ontario and Sacket's Harbor?

We own a cottage in Sacket's and would love to become a part of the preservation of the area that we have called "home" (even if only in the summer) for almost sixty years.

Best Regards,

Roger Urbanski
Susie Smith
Comment by: Susie Smith
Left at: 10:08 PM Thursday, December 18, 2008
I am so pleased you asked this question, but I am afraid at this time we are trying to focus on the Thousand Islands section of the St. Lawrence River - on the Water, in the water or over the water! As you can see Ian Coristine's beautiful photography takes us over the water. In fact, Ian has photographed almost every island and we are so fortunate he generously provides these to the magazine.

There are so many connections with Sacket's Harbor and the history of the Thousand Islands - we are bound to cross paths now and then.

I am smiling as I write this, as Sacket's, Watertown and the North Country will get a winter storm tomorrow - so I think you are wise to be there "even if only in the summer". I am in Ottawa and we too, are expecting a blizzard tomorrow.

Best wishes and thanks again. from the editor