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 EXCURSIONS -----------------------------------

Last fall, islander Tad Clark suggested that  as much as he and his wife like “staying put when in residence at Comfort or Grenadier Island, there are occasions when we want to go on an excursion.”  He suggested that there was a wealth of interesting and stimulating places to visit an hour or two from the 1000 Islands.   So Tad wrote our first excursion – his voyage on the Rideau Canal going from Kingston to Ottawa, ON. 

In the spring I added a review of a wonderful little restaurant and antique store located in a tiny village of Yarker, ON, less than an hour from Gananoque in Waterfall Tea Room & Store in Yarker, ON.  This month we introduce three more excursions.

The Salmon River, Pulaski:  Martin Zonnenberg

The first is from, nature photographer, Martin Zonnenberg. This fall he ventured south to the Salmon River near Pulaski, NY to explore the fishing grounds. His visit coincided with the annual Salmon River Fishing Derby. “I was lucky in that I had chosen the right time to visit, and there was lots of sunshine on a generally-overcast day.”

A Travelling River Rat:  Britton Inglehart

Many of us would like to be known as a "River Rat". If growing up on an island is a qualification, then Britton Inglehart is a Rat. He loves the River and its islands. His passion for the outdoors has carried him across all the trails on Wellesley Island, and most of Jefferson County. This spirit of adventure has taken him to many foreign lands.

In September he sent us his excursion: first to Japan, then Korea, and the small island off the South Korean peninsula called Jeju-do. He writes, “Most tourists stay at one of the many luxurious resorts and plan their travels from there. I was doing the opposite by camping in my tent and sleeping outdoors thus making an awesome adventure out of it. Though, after 5 days of camping out, I did have to find a small hotel for one luxurious stay. I wasn't down for long though. I chose a place that was right at the base of a sunrise peak and at five in the morning. the hotel hostess woke me up to take full advantage of my surroundings. I went to the mountain top, only 300ft high, to watch the sunrise, It was spectacular!.”

Discovering the Antique Boat Museum: Tad Clark

Tad went to Clayton, NY, a few miles west of his island and spent the day at the renowned Antique Boat Museum. Tad gives us a tour of the campus and lets us in on all the special activities which you can enjoy each summer. “The ABM is more than simply viewing beautiful boats. Do you want a free, guided tour of the 1903 luxury houseboat, La Duchesse? Do you want to row a St Lawrence Skiff , also free? The public is invited to row a skiff or take a sail, one night a week, during July and August at no charge".

PUBLICATIONS -----------------------------------

Island Life 2013 Magazine

Almost every month I get asked when our next printed version of TI Life will hit the news stands!  I have to stop their enthusiasm and explain that TI Life is only published online as an e-zine. (  but Island Life Magazine is a real print magazine, published every year in May.  They are always disappointed as they have seen the past versions of Island Life Magazine, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and they want the next one now! 

But I am happy to say we asked Island Life Magazine owner and publisher Kim Lunman for a sneak preview of Island Life 2013 and she was happy to oblige. 

The new cover (designed by Dave O'Malley, Aerographics Creative Services, Ottawa and featuring the aerial photography once again of Ian Coristine) for distribution to 25,000 households in mid-May (Thursday before the long  weekend) in the Thousand Islands Sun in northern New York and EMC newspapers in Eastern Ontario.


The Islander's Edition - which is distributed to tourism attractions and bookstores throughout the summer - will have a gloss cover.

The 2013 cover features a cottage on Wolfe Island's Quebec Head.  Last year the cover featured the small Lone Tree Island, near Rockport, while next year’s version will feature the largest of the Thousand islands.  The Islander's Edition - which is distributed to tourism attractions and bookstores throughout the summer - will have a redesigned gloss cover).

Kim tells us, “There's lots of great island stories and photo essays from both sides of the border for the new issue.”  We can’t wait!

To see more about Island Life 2013 or to purchase a copy of island Life 2012, visit their website:

Taking Hart: M.A. Noble

This new book is listed as fiction:  for young adults or teens.  It is a thriller and filled with action and suspense.

It's 2012: Cannons boom, and 16-year-old Corey must navigate the streets full of Bicentennial disguises--with an artifact someone would kill for! He must summon the courage to disprove a legend and find answers: Why did Mom disappear into the St. Lawrence, and who is the woman wearing her earring? Corey must save someone he loves in this "War of 1812" town...where the real threat is here and now.

A missing journal, an old buckle; earthquakes and arsenic. Can Corey Worder connect them to disprove a 200-year old legend? Is that new girl really trying to help him? And who is the mysterious “Marie” who wears his missing mother’s earring? Corey must summon all his courage to find the truth about his own family.

But everyone in Harts Landing knows Corey has no courage—he’s a Worder, like his deserting ancestor. Corey’s got to prove them wrong, but it's going to be tough. It’s the War of 1812 Bicentennial...

M.A. Noble lives in St. Lawrence County, NY, where she enjoys the outdoors, music and word play.  This month she writes “A Royal Job” for TI life, describing her summer working at Singer Castle for Dr. Harold and Eloise Martin. 

For more details visit: Smashwords or Amazon Taking Hart

Taking Hart is presently available at the following locations and will appear in more shops over the fall and winter:  Alex Bay: Treasure Island, The Ship Gift Shop, The Magical Swan; Clayton: Captain Spicer's Gallery, Corbin's River Heritage; Canton: TAUNY, St. Lawrence Historical Association; Potsdam: SUNY Potsdam's College Store.  There is also a Kindle version. 

SUBSCRIBE -----------------------------------

Ian Coristine’s Wallpaper

Ten years ago, Ian Coristine began sharing his images of the Thousand Islands, initially through his first printed book and later that fall through wallpaper images intended to help Thousand Islanders through the seasonal challenge of waiting to get back to the River. 

If you are a subscriber to TI Life you can look forward to the first of season eleven on the 1st of November or revisit wallpapers back through 2004 here:


By Susan W. Smith, Editor, Thousand Islands Life Magazine


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