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"The Camp"

This article, written by Paul Malo, was originally posted in the old format of TI Life as part of the series Grand River Summer Homes Between One Gilded Age and Another: Nelfred, Fairview Manor, Spaidal House, Niagara Island, Totem Point, Tar Island, Rouse-Lechler Resident, Hub Island, Lion's Head and this home called "The Camp". 

During the 1920s, improved roads made the river accessible to weekend commuters from Syracuse and Rochester. Many "camps" appeared along mainland shores, such as this, at Steele's Point, just below Clayton.

This was where I spent my happy summers. Actually there were there three adjoining cottages, two more lying out of the picture to the right. There was plenty of room for weekend parties.

This cottage is now the summer home of Mr. and Ms. George Finkbeiner of Dewitt, near Syracuse.

By Paul Malo

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