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The Shoal Sisters are calling to Shoal up Support

Any Islander will tell you, they are an integral part of keeping our river community safe.

And with water levels becoming more and more unpredictable each year, they are a comforting sight in unfamiliar areas.

I’m talking of course about those little white shoal markers.

If you didn’t already know, there are about 200 of them stretching from the Bateau Channel all the way down to Brockville. And contrary to popular belief, they are not managed or funded by the government.

In fact, its all done by volunteer organizations. The Thousand Islands Association in Canada and Save the River on the US side have been putting the markers in place for a number of years.

But there’s a problem. It’s becoming increasingly expensive to purchase and maintain these shoal markers due to rising costs and declining membership revenues.

So this is where the Shoal Sisters initiative comes in. It’s an exciting and fun poster campaign started by Love This River, aimed at raising awareness and funds to ensure those markers will be in place for years to come.

One of its major supporters is RiverQuest. Launched by Brockville’s Aquatarium, RiverQuest is an initiative that brings together all the amazing adventures the Thousand Islands region has to offer. Whether it’s quest of castles or nature, nearly 60 partners have come together to create a memorable experience in one of the most unique destinations in North America.

So how can you help? Well you can order your poster right away. It’s only $40 and they look great! All proceeds go directly to the Thousand Islands Association’s White Shoal Marker Fund.

But wait... there’s more. The best part is anyone can be a Shoal Sister. Included with your poster will be details on how you can submit your idea for a Shoal Sister photo shoot somewhere else on the river. All you need is a white dress and a lantern.

By Morgan McLellan

Morgan McLellan was born in Toronto and raised on the River at Wood Isle, Lake Fleet, during the summer.   Morgan says he came to the conclusion that winters were too long and attended university in Hawaii. Upon graduating with a degree in International Relations, he joined CTV News Channel. After years of writing and producing, he joined his father’s marketing company The McLellan Group in Toronto.  As a real River Rat like Doug McLellan, Morgan’s father, we certainly look forward to seeing his name in print often in the coming months.

Editor’s Note:  TI Life Magazine is purchasing a poster and we are all ready to put on a “White Something” for a photo shoot.  Now all we need are ideas.  Please help us with your suggestions… 

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Judy Pearson
Comment by: Judy Pearson ( )
Left at: 10:01 AM Wednesday, June 19, 2013
I have already ordered two posters and paid for them in May. However I need to have them ASAP to our Cape VINCENT Address. Who can help me with the delivery of even the one I had personalized for Doug and Mary as we celebrate their anniversary JULY 3rd! Help-send your contact on this OR write me at above e -mail Judy