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Important New Book

One of the leading international publishers, Rizzoli, currently is preparing for publication a large format volume depicting the Thousand Islands. Whereas previous books about our region have been marketed largely in the Thousand Islands region, Rizzoli books (such as the Beautiful Small Towns series) are distributed more broadly. This new book may attract far more attention to the Thousand Islands than any volume published in the past.

Rizzoli has a fine bookstore in New York City, where (in contrast to a century ago) the Thousand Islands are little known today. This showcase alone may familiarize many potential visitors with our region.

Furthermore, the new Thousand Islands book will appear in chain and independent bookstores throughout the United States and Canada, including of course retail establishements on the river.

Rizzoli has commissioned Syracuse author Kathleen Quigley to prepare the book for publication. Kathleen's previous articles about the Thousand Islands have appeared in the New York Times and Preservation, the national journal of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Noted Syracuse photographer Jim Scherzi and his staff, known for their much published Visual Taste illustrations, have been photographing river summer homes throughout the past summer.

This will not be primarily a folio of photographs, however. Substantial text will inform the reader about each place selected for presentation. Some eight illustrations, interior as well as exterior, will portray each of these representative properties.

The Rizzoli publication will not provide an comprehensive inventory of major river landmarks, which easily exceed fifty in number. Basis for selection of fewer properties has been, first of all, accessibilty--some owners, concerned with security and privacy, have declined to allow inclusion of familiar landmarks. Other owners have not been available to provide permission, or the property may not have been presentable when the photographers were on the river.

Paul Malo, editor of Thousand Islands Life and author of a trilogy of historical volumes about the region, has served as a consultant for the project. Ian Coristine, our noted photographer/publisher, may contribute some of his aerial scenes to the book.

We anticipate that this major publishing event will be a historic landmark. Like other recent developments the Rizzoli book will mark the Renaissance of the Thousand Islands and dawn of a second Golden (or at least Gilded) Age.

By Paul Malo

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