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Historic Post Cards

A new publication presents a collection of Thousand Islands images from the past. Dudley Danielson, known to many of us as restorer and former proprietor of Hart House on Wellesley Island (and previously as publisher of a local newspaper) has published a large-format book which already reposes on many porch tables.


The Way We Were. . . In the Thousand Islands contains 230 post-card illustrations reproduced in original color. They comprise a comprehensive view of the region in its (first) heyday, generally at the turn of the twentieth century.

The attractive publication is available at some sixty local shops

By Paul Malo

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Nora jean McAdie
Comment by: Nora jean McAdie ( )
Left at: 11:06 AM Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Living on Hill Island some 45 years in the summer, I would be interested in knowing where in this area I could obtain a copy of "The Way We Were". I, myself, have many old postcards of the Thousand Island area and am an inveterate collectot of more books about the area. "N. J.McA"
Sharon Klementowski
Comment by: Sharon Klementowski ( )
Left at: 4:15 PM Wednesday, August 21, 2013
I bought the last copy in a store in Alexandria Bay, NY, and I would like to purchase another copy. I have looked online, and have not found where I can get another copy. Do you have any suggestions for me?