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Photography by Patty Mondore

As an avid (some might say obsessed) kayaker, I feel fortunate to have been able to get up close and personal with my little piece of the islands in a way that power boaters will never be able. I experience the River in a way that one might almost describe as intimate.

Of course anyone who knows me, has read any of my articles or books about the Thousand Islands, or watched any of my music videos understands that my experience of the River goes beyond natural (not that anyone has ever considered anything about me as being natural). But for me, kayaking the River is a deeply spiritual experience. After an hour out paddling in the back bay among the lily pads, or of winding between the islands across from our camp, or in floating out in the channel after the sunset as a loon gives her mystical cry, I feel as though I have been touched by the Divine. Truly, out there on the water, I find new meaning to the beloved words, "he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul..."

Patty Mondore

Editor's Note:  Patty provides an action film of Hoover, the "River Rat" chipmunk on line. She also offers a virtual tour of her Kring Point neighborhood set to some of her own music, which she performs.

By Paul Malo

Even glow 
                   Even Glow


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In Summer
Heaven's Bouquet
River Rat
River Rat
Water Lily
Heaven's Bouquet
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