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December Newsletter from RiverQuest

It’s been an incredibly exciting year for RiverQuest’s Aquatarium, and 2014 looks even brighter!

With the RiverQuest Aquatarium opening next Spring,including the launch of RiverQuest Kiosks and ‘Quests’ across the region, it’s no surprise that waves of excitement are already building throughout the River!

RiverQuest’s Aquatarium is a 25,000 square foot, interactive, learning and discovery centre located on the shore of the St Lawrence River in Brockville, Ontario.

The Aquatarium’s focus is on building the greatest possible awareness and appreciation for  the 1000 Islands region by telling the stories connected to all our RiverQuest partners.

It will be home to a live river otter habitat, a gigantic fresh water aquarium with walk through tunnels and many interactive exhibits. Talk live to a diver on a River bottom wreck or explore the wonders of the unique environment, history and more. Who knows what you’ll discover!


Speaking of discovering little known secrets, did you know the famous Skull and Bones society has an island in the area and what happened there? Do you know the story of how 1000 Island Dressing came to be or how a pirate became a lighthouse keeper? You’ll be able to learn the answers to all these questions by taking the RiverQuest Challenge at one of the Kiosks located at partner destinations including RiverQuest Aquatarium. You’ll have the chance to accumulate points, and possibly win some very cool prizes. Sounds pretty neat right? Well you can learn more about the Kiosk by clicking on the link below.



RiverQuest is transforming the way people discover the 1000 Islands, and is inspiring so much more curiosity about North America’s best kept secret.

Finally, we’d like to wish all of our RiverQuest Partners and Friends and all of you who Love This River a very Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Thank you for all your time and support. All of the support really goes to show that we are … Stronger TogetherI

By Morgan McLellan

Morgan McLellan was born in Toronto and raised on the River at Wood Isle, Lake Fleet, during the summer.   Morgan says he came to the conclusion that winters were too long and attended university in Hawaii. Upon graduating with a degree in International Relations, he joined CTV News Channel. After years of writing and producing, he joined his father’s marketing company The McLellan Group in Toronto.  Morgan has promised to keep us posted about all the RiverQuest news.

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