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Aerial Infrared Photographs

These gorgeous images, appearing like abstract paintings, were photographed on infared film in order to show the changing character of surface culture.

Bill Hecht, who provided the photographs from his vast archive, says, "Such images were up prior to 9/11 on NY State DOT sites, USGS and others."

Clayton NY, Infrared
Above we see Clayton and Calumet Island at the top of the picture.
Lower Grindstone

The images form a mosaic. This segment is attached to the top of the Clayton view, above. Calumet Island again appears at the bottom of the photograph, with the lower end of Grindstone as the most prominent feature.

Admiralty Islands
The other, upper half of Grindstone island appears here, with Hickory Island at bottom left.
Thousand Island Park
Moving down river, we see Fishers Landing on the mainland and Thousand Island Park on the upper end of Wellesley Island.
Wellesley Island

Joining the top of the previous picture, is the northern side of Wellesley Island, with Route 81 circuiting the Lake of the Isles at lower right and Gananoque on the Canadian mainland at the top.

Compiled by Paul Malo

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Comment by: Konrad ( )
Left at: 2:05 AM Sunday, September 25, 2011
Interesting to see it like that, however I am pretty sure that the town on the Canadian mainland on the last picture is Ivy Lea, Gananoque would be north of what is shown on the 3rd.