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Hunter Grimes III, a River’s Loss

For those of us on the River who knew Hunter F.  Grimes III, the news of his death in early September was sad indeed.  On Saturday, September 12th, Hunter’s friends and family gathered at the J. B. Lyman Post of Alexandria Bay, where a Navy Color Guard  presented the American flag to the family. Many expressed their thoughts about Hunter – and even though there was profound sadness that Hunter has left the River, there was ample opportunity to remember this gentleman with fondness and laughter. 

We at “TI Life” have had the unique opportunity to share in several of Hunter’s “provocative  literary contributions” –  these words are in quotes as that was what he liked to call them. 

I remember the last article Let’s Make Soup…and Thoughts on Overlooked Food Sources written in January 2015, when Hunter sent the article and wrote, “Let me know if this is useful.”  I wrote back, “Omg....   I am no fan of the Canadian symbol....  And to me the only good beaver is one on my back...  Those little darlings took down 89 trees on our island a few years ago....  So I not only love your article, but I want to try the soup!

But Hunter did not like everything about TI Life.  For back in October 2011 Dave Whitford, who spent many summers in the Islands, wrote About Hunter Grimes. It was there we learned about Hunter’s boat racing passion.  “Way too positive,” Hunter said and then he scolded me…  the last thing he wanted was to be recognized as special.  In fact, he made sure his obituary said what he wanted it to say, by writing it himself.  

I first met Hunter when I served on the board of Save the River, about 30 years ago.  Hunter was the President and it was a time of change for this important River organization. Hunter put together a team of new board members who helped make a real difference. He went on to assist many organizations, institutions and individuals through mentoring. 

Yes, I am certainly sad for this loss, but I smiled when Martha Lee, as Hunter called his better half, wrote:

“Hunter is still a great oral story teller on most days.  Friday was an epic event.  Hospice presented him with a plaque in a ceremony to honor him for his military service.  I had contacted several of his Seal Team teammates and they came from Reno, Nev., Florida, Virginia and Binghampton, NY.  In addition a Master Sgt. friend from Ft. Drum brought 2 other Master Sgts. who are snipers, same as the Reno Seal.  You would not have believed the conversation among these warriors.  There were about 30 friends and family who attended this and it was very moving.  We had the army, navy, air force and marines represented.  It all ended with a great laugh as our son's dog ate about 5 lbs of cold cuts and cheese sitting on the table intended to serve everyone lunch after the ceremony.”

I am sure the many tributes sent to the Grimes family will continue over the years. 

Below are the Hunter Grimes “TI Life” articles – Enjoy them again – and thanks Hunter…  Fellow River Rats will miss you.

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By Susan W. Smith, Editor, TI Life
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Hunter Grant
Comment by: Hunter Grant
Left at: 12:16 AM Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Dear Sue;
Just finished reading your article about the passing of Hunter Grimes, while sitting at my desk in a house in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC, a long, long way from the St. Lawrence River.
I did not know Hunter well, but thought your readers might enjoy how I met him and what we had in common.
I frankly can't recall the exact year, but it was when I was Chairman of the Brockville chapter of Ducks Unlimited, and received a call at my office at The Recorder and Times.
My secretary said a Hunter Grimes was on the line and wished to speak with me. Of course, I thought this was a prank. Hunter Grimes calling Hunter Grant. Back in the days when "Hunter"as a first name was much less common than today.
In any event, I took the call. And learned that we not only shared first names, but also that we were both DU Chairmen of our respective towns at the same time. Coincidence beyond coincidence.
Hunter wanted to invite me to his DU dinner in A Bay, and I accepted. And attended.
It was a special evening, and I was impressed by his energy, enthusiasm, and zeal for the cause.
One of his innovations that night was the auction of registered Lab pups, an irresistible item for many duck hunters. The bidding was brisk.
I brought back to Brockville several of his unique dinner ideas, and am sure they helped us raise more money for wetland preservation as years went by.
Sue, the river has lost a true rat.
May he rest in peace.
Hunter Grant
PS We'll be back in the 'hood by mid-October.
gerald backus
Comment by: gerald backus
Left at: 10:41 AM Tuesday, September 15, 2015
the river lost a true friend with the passing of hunter grimes. his article "hate to burst your bubble" was right on and it gave us all a wake up call on the future of fishing on the river.
Hershel Davis
Comment by: Hershel Davis
Left at: 12:51 PM Saturday, October 20, 2018
Better late than never. Hunter was in our UDT-21 platoon in 1968 on a Carribean Cruise of which I was the LPO (leading petty officer). He was a very good Frogman with a very different sense of humor, which I personally enjoyed. The platoon was a collection of some of the orneriest frogmen that lurked the east coast and being of that species myself they drug me into several adventures I will not elaborate on. Always liked that Frog, he was special in many ways.