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TI Life in March

TI Life has a new "Readers' Exchange" where we welcome your short stories of seven-hundred words, or less. Our first story "Danger on Ice" relates to a letter received by Ian Coristine from Michelle Argersinger which describes a day she and her husband Philip had on the River this winter.

We keep statistics about our articles and Dick Withington's1 Winter Islander (January 2008) now has the "top spot" in number of  "hits" thus knocking my "More than a Salad Dressing" series off its perch (actually on to the cutting room floor).  Dick's stories have made us think about safety - and this month Michael Folsom's "Training On Ice" helps address this concern. 

March-Edition preview

Featured are three, very important, Clayton-based organizations: Save the River, the Thousand Islands Biological Station and The Thousand Islands Arts Center ~ Home of the Handweaving Museum.

Then we skate in the Admiralty Islands followed by Kim Lunman's visit to Honey Bee Island.  Rex Ennis provides an interesting story on the link between Deer Island and the Skull and Bone Society of Yale University.  You will also find pieces on the Peacock Boat House, Part IV of May Dewey’s Diary (once again providing some fascinating material about the 1880s in the Thousand Islands), and a retrospective on Comfort Island which is currently listed for sale.  Finally, we introduce you to a new, inspirational-music video by Patricia and Robert Mondore.

We would like you to give your answer to the following:

  • Are there too many articles each month?
  • Do you usually read them from beginning-to-end?
  • Do you print out articles that are of particular interest to you? 
  • Do you pay more attention to the photographs than the text?
  • Do you have any ideas to make the magazine better?
  • Are there things that you don't like?

All  comments are welcomed and we thank you for your input.

Important updates:

Kim Lunman's Great Lake Swimmers  introduced this popular Toronto band in our October 2008 issue.  We learned their new album "Lost Channels" will be launched and become available on iTunes and elsewhere on March 31st. It includes a track called "Singer Castle Bells." Yes, our Singer Castle's bells. It includes another track, "River's Edge", written at the last moment by Tony Dekker after he found himself so very smitten by our River. 

Great Lake Swimmers loves to record in acoustically interesting spaces and did so here last fall at Singer Castle, the Brockville Arts Center and St. Brendan's Church in Rockport following an invitation by Ian Coristine. Tony later wrote a note mentioning how deep an impression the Thousand Islands left on him, which is why he named the Album "Lost Channels".  The band is currently on an international tour across Canada, the U.S. and Europe until June. Tour dates, details and a preview track can be heard here: and the entire album will be available at the end of March.

We also have a new link to two other October 2008 Kim Lunman articles:  Queen of the Castle and King of the Castle.  We have learned that Tom Weldon, manager of Singer Island, has mounted an historic film on the Singer Island website. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but if you like history and want meet the Bourne family - have a look!

Pride in the Islands.  Few promote the Thousand Islands with as much enthusiasm and pride as TI Life member, Ian Coristine.  Lakeland Boating's March edition has a beautiful feature story about the Thousand Islands:  1000 Islands A photographic tour by Ian Coristine. This is their second spread on the Thousand Islands using Ian's images and the first time they've chosen a cover photo that didn't feature a boat in over two decades. In addition to the magazine, O'Meara-Brown also publishes Cruising Guides of the Great Lakes.

Powerboating Canada features a five-page spread on the Bill Tomlinson family, who live on the main shore near the Canadian span of the Thousand Islands Bridge.  'My Way, King of the 1000 Islands" is written by Richard Crowder. It introduces Bill and his wife Johanne and their family .  The magazine also describes their fantastic fleet of boats including Poker Run favorite  "My Way" with Twin 1800 HP turbine engines, capable of going over 180 mph.  Powerboating Canada sponsors the Poker Runs America which will be held in Kingston, August 7/8 2009.

New TI Life Contributors

John M. Farrell is the the Director of the Thousand Islands Biological Station and a Senior Research Associate at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in Syracuse.  He holds a BS degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University and MS and PhD degrees in fisheries and ecology from ESF. 

Sarah Walsh is Program Manager for Save The River. She graduated in 2006 from SUNY- ESF with a degree in Wildlife Science. She currently manages Save The River's volunteer and on-the-water programs, including the Common Tern Monitoring Program, the Riverkeeper Monitoring Program, and the Spill Response Program.
Rick Tague lives year-round on Wellesley Island in Westminster Park.   Rick is an architect and president of of Bernier Carr and Associates, with offices in Watertown, Syracuse and Buffalo.   Rick is quick to praise Paul Malo, "He was very helpful to me when I was doing my thesis and with other projects after that."

Rebecca Hopfinger, recently appointed Assistant Director at the Thousand Islands Arts Centre in Clayton, NY. is well known in the Islands. She was Director of Development & Curator of Special Exhibits at the Antique Boat Museum and an active member of the Thousand Islands community.  Rebecca was the editor of Glimpses of St. Lawrence Summer Life: Thousand Islands Souvenirs, published by the Antique Boat Museum.

Steve Hornsby is a Tremont Island summer resident.  Steve has helped capture other views of the Islands in the winter - something that is appreciated by his neighbors. Steve is the Executive Director, Advancement Services at Queen's University in Kingston, ON.

Special thanks goes to TI Life Team Member, Mike Cox, our volunteer webmaster.  Mike is responsible for our all the great features we adopted for TI Life.  This editor wishes she had a $ for every time she has called, emailed and then thanked Mike for the answering and solving our queries.  This is a team effort - but this gentleman is special!  


As always, I thank David Ray and the TI Life Team:  Ian Coristine; Mike Franklin; Kim Lunman and Michael Cox - Once again, they provide interesting material by putting a thousand islands in your life.

Susan W. Smith, Editor


Where is Dick?  He is off the island visiting his family for a few days.  But he assures me he is working on some Spring articles for TI Life




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