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Another Hurricane

Tom_Hunt_Jan_15“Thomas K. Hunt, a poet, grew up in Clayton, NY, and says this is where his roots will be, forever!  We met him on Facebook when he shared a poem with TI Life. Tom, has been away for almost 38 years, first in New Jersey and now Florida, but he returns every year and suggests that all his Clayton friends, whether they live in the North Country or not, still feel the same way.” 

We met Tom in our January 2015 Issue.  He is now living in Florida and was in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, Tom kept us posted on his Facebook page and like so many Floridians and Snow Birds, he missed the bullet.

When I read the poem, I knew it was one that should be shared. 

Susan W, Smith, Editor. 


“My family made it through the storm and all are safe.”

Hurricane Irma


Another Storm

There's another storm headed our way
There's nothing more we can do or say
We're in for it
Our time is due
God save our souls
I hope we all make it through

Batten down your hatches
Bolten tight your doors
Storms like this never keep score
There's never enough
They'll always want more
It's a killer and that's for sure

The wind's kicking in, here we go again
Grab hold of something my friend
We seem to be right in her path
We're going to feel the strength of her wrath

Lightning fills the darkened sky
Flashing with the blink of an eye
It sounds like bowling when the thunder rolls
It's angles having a good time, so I was told

It's going to rain
It's going to pour
Stay on the dry side of the door
You know what to do
You've done it all before

Get yourself off of that boat
Pretty soon it won't be afloat
It's too late to swim to shore
You should have thought of that before

No storm's going to bring us down
Although you might not see us around
We'll be under shelter safe and sound
We'll be fine, we'll be back around

There's another storm headed our way
There's nothing more we can do or say
We're in for it
Our time is due
God save our souls
I hope we all make it through


Copyright © 2017 Thomas K. Hunt, September 7, 2017

By Thomas K. Hunt

Thomas K. Hunt hails from Alexandria Bay. Soon after we profiled him in TI Life. Tom published a book of poems that relate to growing up and living on the St Lawrence River. The book is titled “Leaving French Creek Bay,” published by Tate Publishing. Thomas. Thomas now lives in Coral Springs, FL.

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Comment by: Sally
Left at: 7:53 PM Monday, October 16, 2017
Great poem usual. I thought you hailed from Clayton, NY.
Comment by: Audie
Left at: 9:03 PM Monday, October 16, 2017
Correction: Tom hails from CLAYTON, NY.
Susie Smith
Comment by: Susie Smith
Left at: 5:45 AM Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Editor's note: my bad! Yes, he is from Clayton, never really left!!!
Thomas Prendergast
Comment by: Thomas Prendergast
Left at: 5:27 AM Friday, July 13, 2018
Good morning Thomas K. Hunt; I was inquiring as to whether or not we may be related? I am related to William H. Hunt previously of Hill Island, are you related to the same person?

Thank you