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What I did on My Vacation, by John Street

Editor’s Note:  Remember when you are asked what you did on your summer vacation?  Well professional videographer, John Street, from San Diego California, will have no trouble this year as he has lots to report – and luckily for TI Life Readers he has shared his marvelous discoveries.

And just to impress this editor - these were all taken between the dates. August… and August…

Explosive Storm

Explosive storm on the River last night! I thought I was going to be capturing it way off in the distance, but suddenly the tail-end whipped around, and a pitch-black cloud wall appeared overhead, with downbursts of wind and driving rain ... the skies suddenly blacked out as the entire area lost power ... I ducked in the house, fearing my camera was being blown right off the dock ... luckily the camera made it -- most of the great lightning bolts were obscured by all the rain on the lens but I got a few fun ones ... join me:

storm clouds swoop

Storm cloud swoops in from left to right ... about midnight … looking ENE towards Gananoque

Rain on roof

Although it is almost midnight, the sky is lit by the flash of lightning; you can see the rain pelting off the boat port roof. and the double-image of the floating boat port and dock show just how much they were rocking between lightning bolts!!

lightning storm

A good night to be safe indoors, while bolts appear to hit Rockport, TI Park, Alex Bay, etc. This is a single 20-second photo, not a composite of multiple photos ... the storm was going off!!


Overwhelmed sensor

The bolt was so bright it overwhelmed the sensor and bleached-out the colors. I'm sure it was many miles away, but it looks like it's hitting right behind Manitouana Island!

Gazing at the August Moon

I had the chance to edit an interview with Neil Armstrong, in which he talked about placing a mirror on the moon that earthbound labs still use nearly 50 years later, as a target to bounce lasers up to the moon and back. Ever since hearing him tell that story, I can't help but look for that tiny little reflection every time I gaze at a full moon ...

full moon august 26 Moon breaking through
Moon over the Admiralty

night into day

During a break in the clouds, the moon high above 40 acres blasts a spotlight onto the River, turning night into day ... (if you have a long enough shutter speed of course) ...

Admiralty Islands Loons

This loon is already starting to change plumage from the characteristic iridescent black head, to the fashionable gray-look for winter. @ Gananoque, Ontario

John Streets Loon loon august 26 kissing cousins


A face only a mother could love. This was definitely the smelliest portrait I’ve ever taken! I clambered up a bouldered hillside and discovered a pair of young vultures perched at the top ... their stench was nearly as fearsome as their visage ... yikes! @ Gananoque, Ontario

Vulture vultures


Frog-eye self-portrait. This is now my favorite selfie — in the frog’s eye you can see the reflection of me in my white t-shirt kneeling on the bank to take the photo ...
Ya gotta kiss a lotta frogs, right? — in Gananoque, Ontario.

Mr Frog

Morning with Wildlife

Good morning dear. I think the sunrise wildlife is mocking me ... from the doe sticking her tongue-out then laughing at me, to the osprey -- well -- flipping me the bird if you know what I mean!

Deer mocking Osprey street

Animal ID Please

Animal ID anyone? Over the years we've called these little guys "mink", but I don't know for sure, and recently have realized that some look VERY different than others ... are some of these martens? fishers? (each row has the same animal). I'd love input from any knowledgeable locals ... all pics shot on a Canadian island near Gananoque.

Musteia Erminea swimming mink Hiding mink
unknown critter on the shore What am I

By John Street

John Street is a video Producer/Director at his company  InPoint Productions, Inc. San Diego, CA. The list of productions is long and impressive, such as over 50 event-highlight videos filmed and edited for Fortune 500 companies, or - Travel, film and supervise production crews in 40 U.S. cities, plus France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Germany, Czech Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico and 5 of the Hawaiian Islands. Yes, John Street is well known in his industry.  Luckily for us,he spends his vacation in the Thousand Islands.

In January 2011, TI Life profiled John Street’s Holiday Photographs. At that time he wrote, “I’ve been fortunate enough to live in several parts of the country, from the woods to the city. My job has helped me to travel exciting places around the world as well … but when I have the chance to vacation with my family, the one place we all want to spend time is in the 1000 Islands. It’s where we have roots; I’ve spent every summer of my life here, as did my father and his father and his father, ever since my great-grandfather and his brothers discovered this little corner of paradise in the 1800s and built a frame cottage that started housing our family memories. I’ve built on the tradition by sharing this experience with my wife and daughters, creating another generation with River water in their blood.”

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Pat and Bill Colby
Comment by: Pat and Bill Colby
Left at: 5:51 PM Saturday, September 15, 2018
We were truly amazed to see these stunningly beautiful photos.
The images were simply breathtaking.
Thank you for sharing this.
Thornley Stoker
Comment by: Thornley Stoker
Left at: 6:11 AM Sunday, September 16, 2018
Dear John,
These are unbelievably beautiful. Thank you. Cheers
Jim Homer
Comment by: Jim Homer
Left at: 8:56 AM Sunday, September 16, 2018
All those animals look mighty tasty to me. yummmmm
Bryce Vincent
Comment by: Bryce Vincent
Left at: 9:38 PM Sunday, September 16, 2018
Love the Pictures and Love the story from a fellow islander close by! Thanks
Bud Andress
Comment by: Bud Andress
Left at: 4:04 PM Monday, September 17, 2018
John, I believe all your images are minks. If you can zoom in on a chin shot in future pics, I’m sure you’ll see a small white spot. Great photography, as usual.

Bud Andress
Hill Island