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Poetry by Robert Daly, Shady Shores

Editor’s note:

Ever wonder if you are losing it?  In October I received Robert Daly’s poetry submissions. “Thanks so much” was my response, and I did publish his “Acorns Falling” in our October article: Closing-Up Is Hard To Do…Katrina Nortz Sunset 2

This month. when I started to compile this issue, I wrote to Robert asking several questions and suggesting I do a profile on him for the next issue. Soon after, we exchanged phone numbers and Robert said he would call at 5:00 one night.  Just before he called, I googled his name and there he was… having written poetry published in a little online magazine… May, 2015… the magazine was our Thousand Islands Life with the article: “The Drive North” and other poems by Robert W. Daly.

Not only had I forgotten I already knew him, but I asked the very same questions and would have received the same answers! We enjoyed our conversation that evening, and I am honored to published these new pieces of poetry. Each one will bring back your memories of growing up, the River or life in general.  Enjoy.


Poetry by Robert W. Daly, Shady Shores


A warm day at The Park Pool.


Instructors had

told us of the deep end, and

the place in between - where we could drown.



when you are acquainted with the water,

and able to swim where it’s shallow,

you will be in the deep end

where you can’t touch the bottom.”


"Later" is now.


I am terrified of the deep end.


There is no place to stand.

I won’t know with my feet

there is a world beneath the pale-green water.


Some kid who doesn’t like me,

or trying to save himself,

will push me under.


There are lots of kids to watch.

Instructors won’t notice

I’m drowning –

till it’s too late.

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Cary Brick
Comment by: Cary Brick
Left at: 7:10 PM Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Dr. Daly--About he time you were swimming at the Thompson Park Pool, my late father, Arch Brick, and Howard Neal were the organizers of the annual Can-Am swim meets at the pool. Watching my dad calling the start of each event and then pulling the trigger of his starting pistol was a thrill for me. That pool holds lots of memories for us Watertown "kids!" Two asides: fierst, my father swam competitively as a college student for the NY Athletic Club and his colleges, NYU and Stanford. Second, the land for Thompson Park was donated to the City of Watertown by John C. Thompson, a New York Air Brake Company executive. He stipulated that it be called simply "City Park" until after his death. The park was designed by the Olmstead firm, also responsible for the design of Central Park in New York City. The two parks have some similarities in design.
Claudia Wool Marsh
Comment by: Claudia Wool Marsh
Left at: 11:54 AM Tuesday, November 27, 2018
It’s so much fun to be from the “north country”. It has really kept many of the old family connections in tact. The families have stayed, or come back to the region, by the pull of the St. Lawrence, Lake Ontario, the varied landscapes, and the honesty poured upon us with it’s all star weather. I was personally pleased to find that you ( and your family) stayed nearby. I knew you, your Mom, your Dad and brother, when we were all young. We shared a driveway on Bishop St.. I am back here now and enjoy tending my Mom and her mom’s, Roses. Keep writing your inspired poetry.