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Clayton Opens Up

Clayton's Carl Frink was known as inventor of the steel snow plow. His Frink Sno-Plow Co. by the 1930s had become the largest producer of snow plows in America. The Clayton plant closed in 2000, after the firm became Frink-America, Inc. The State of New York sued the company to gain benefits for abruptly terminated employees. Recent demolition of the firm's industrial buildings has changed the village townscape dramatically. Situated on a peninsula, Clayton is almost surrounded by water. Removal of the structures at the lower end of Riverside Drive now opens the view down river, extending the adjoining space of Frink Park.

Frink Park with Pine Island in view Frink Park, Round Island in view

Photographs  by Paul Malo
The view above shows the Frink site with Pine Island at left with Bluff Island beyond. The second picture, below, is the view to the right, showing Hogsback, Little Round, and Round Islands.


Paul Malo was known as architect, professor, historian and Thousand Islands author.  This article was posted in 2006 in the new Thousand Islands Life, the magazine.  TI Life will monitor the site and give updates as progress is made on the old Frink property in the future.

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